2 great questions to ask in an interview – a Scout is helpful

Why do bosses hate to hire?  Here is what happens before you are hired.

“I will lose my job if I can’t get more done.  I’m working 60+ hours each week.  I have 200 responses to my ad for an assistant.  All anyone wants to talk about is what is in it for them.  In ten interviews so far no one has offered to help, but everyone wants ‘a job’.”

Hiring is a major stress. Finding someone who will help in any way needed would be nice.  Competence would be nice.  Helpful? Wow!  Helpful is often the key to getting a job.

In your next job interview, find out how you can help.  Ask, “Everyone hires because they have problems to solve.  What are the most important problems I can help you with?”

If you don’t get a clear answer then try asking, “What will I be able to do to help you meet your goals?”

Exploring needs and problems with a hiring manager may be all you have to do.  Just showing interest is more than most candidates do.

Concentrate on being helpful.  You’ll stand out like a nurse in a battlefield.  They’ll find something for you to do.

Something to do today

Put those two questions down on your pre-interview review sheet.  Go into your interview and try to see how you can help.


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