Being cheerful in an interview can get you a job – like an Eagle

Managers really want to avoid this guy.  Cheerful is good.  Positive is positive. Then there is Larry. Larry is an interviewer’s greatest fear.

Larry attracts indifference. His smile rarely reaches his eyes. The way he walks looks like he is just a little reluctant.  Larry is not depressed.  He is recessed. Life’s okay, but, why waste energy on strangers or something that is not entertaining.  He wants a job. He is going on just another interview for just another job. No reason to be excited. He doesn’t care if his cup is half full or half empty. What is there to care about?

Now let’s look at what cheerful means

Joe smiles as he walks up to the building.  A minor adventure is beginning for him. The receptionist gets a nervous but enthusiastic greeting.  She calls the interviewer with a smile on her lips because of Joe.  In the interview Joe is attentive and talks about things he likes at his current job.  He slides by questions about his boss, “Little Hitler”.  Instead he concentrates on projects where his whole team got things done. Sure his company is failing, but look what you can accomplish.  Joe’s cup is half full, and he can’t wait to taste what is in it.

Two guys equally qualified.  Which would you like to work with? Who would you hire?

Which of the two guys are you?

Something to do today

In The Pirates Of Penzance the perfect officer knows “many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse.”   It is ridiculous, but important.

You and your recruiter should be able to come up with many cheerful facts about the company and job you are going to interview for.  Make a list.  Read it right before you go in for the interview.


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