How to get a promotion in the next year

The new year will be starting soon. This is a great time to start preparing for the next step in your career.

Is there a promotion, or position you want to have by the end of the year? What you need to do to get that promotion or position is start working towards it now. Not in a few weeks or next month. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

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One of the most common ways people don’t get to be where they want to be in their career is by getting comfortable. Sometimes they get comfortable in their position, sometimes they get too comfortable with their current limitations instead of trying to push past them.

This is an incredible opportunity to advance like a rocket in your career.

One in six C-level Executives will leave their position in the next year. Starting now would be the best time so that when they leave YOU can take their place.

Planning, thinking, dreaming, and creating is critical now. Now is the time to prepare.

If you don’t prepare you’ll run into a glass ceiling. It’s there, but you can’t always see it or reach anything beyond it. Most jobs require a certain degree or certification to get into higher positions. If you don’t have these skill levels you’ll never reach those positions and be stuck under that glass ceiling until you do.

Now is the time to start getting that certification, MBA, college education or Vo-tech class out of the way. 

Do you want to get lucky? Prepare! Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Something to do today

Take time to think about where you want to be this year and where you want to be in the next five. Write down everything you can get to where you want to be in the next year.

Work towards your next goal whether you need a new degree, certification, or experience. For where you want to be in five years, what would you expect to see on a resume for that position? Make a list, and start towards that now. 

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