How to overcome an employer’s resistance to hiring you

Why won’t they hire you? Do desperate employers resist hiring anyone? Do they resist change? Or is it something else they resist?

Would you like to win a million dollars tax free? But isn’t that a change?

If Oprah gave you a new car and money to pay the taxes on it, how hard would […]

Motivating recruiters

Many recruiting offices have a button that rings a bell. You can only push the button when you make a placement. Some recruiters live only to press that button. When they do press it, they keep their finger down for a full minute. It drives everyone else nuts with envy. Recruiters are competitive people.

Placing […]

A list of Sexy Verbs that make a resume attractive

Boring means not read. Not read means no job. A sexy resume gets attention.

What does the person who gets your resume want to see?

Don’t tell him what you are “Responsible for.” That means you are overhead. No initiative. You didn’t cause anything to happen. You just slowed things down and kept the people […]

Job hunt tips for older (no, for all) professionals

Your age can be a problem. It can also be an asset when job hunting. Whether you are in accounting, computers, or engineering, age discrimination exists. You can also use your age to your advantage.

Do you remember Ronald Reagan saying that he wouldn’t use his opponents youth and inexperience as a political tool? (here […]

Your sunshine collection can get you a raise or a job

Memory is a fickle thing. When you are depressed, you can hardly remember cheerful times. It is a good thing you know how to write. Keeping track of little things can change your entire career. Your job journal can be a lifesaver when things get rough. It is your sunshine collection.

Every time someone compliments […]

9 ways to get hired in a highly technical job

Getting noticed and hired in a new job as a Tax Partner, Audit Manager, Hadoop DBA, Android Programmer, or SEC Compliance Manager can be tricky. You may hear how hot your field is, but you just can’t seem to get noticed.

Here are 9 things that may help. Make sure and go past the first […]

How to promote yourself at work

This slideshow is aimed at women, but very applicable for men. You need to learn the best way to promote yourself. No one wants to be called “A legend in his own mind.” But you want to be noticed and rewarded for all the things you make work.

Here are some hints on how to […]

Resumes and levers and elephant guns

Want a job interview with a great company? Find a lever.

Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the world. (Archimedes)

Or a big gun

In the old Tarzan movies a “great white hunter” is walking through the African plains followed by a couple of trusty gun bearers. Suddenly, […]

Make yourself stand out with irresistible details

Perception is everything when you have 30 seconds to make a sale. Most resumes are deleted in 12 seconds. You don’t even have 30 seconds to sell yourself.

If you were going to hire an audit manager which of these two skill sets sounds better:

Managed large audit department for 3 years. Managed 18 person […]

Make them want to hire you in your first 30 seconds

The greatest tool for your job search is an enthusiastic desire to help, not the job title you want. Let me show you what I mean.

I was talking to a local TV station manager. He asked, “How would you like to stand in the middle of the biggest stadium in Pennsylvania and tell everyone […]