Make your job search 50% more effective

Your time is very limited. You only get 24 hours a day. You can’t buy more time. Do you really know how you use it? Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace. (Sawyer) […]

Your job search is mortal combat: win every time

If you job hunt (or go to work) expecting mortal combat, where the other guy must lose, you will fail. If you have a strong attitude that, “The company, my manager and I are going to win big,“ you will succeed. In job search mortal combat you must defeat the real enemy every time. You […]

The first step towards networking – leadership

Networking? It is leadership. Some of the best connected network creators I know have never been managers, but they all have been leaders. Here is how I learned the most critical lesson in leadership.

I was 19 years old and clueless. I was sitting in a chair and told my roommate, “We’ve got to get […]

How to be sure of your career direction. Can you?

It can be difficult if not impossible to know where your career should go. It’s not that you can’t pick a direction, it is making sure it is the right direction. You may climb the career ladder of success, only to find out it is leaning against the wrong wall.

Here is a great article […]

What a big house or a great job costs

I was at a gorgeous house. It had radiant heating, an indoor basketball court and swimming pool, wonderful view, and enough room for anyone’s desires. I loved it. The hosts were generous and kind. Then I decided to tally up the cost of owning a house like that. My estimate is $24,000 per month without […]

How to deal with absolute idiots, bosses, and 6 year olds

Into everyone’s life comes people who just don’t get it. There is even a chance that you will be that person for someone else at some time. The fact is, no one sets out to be an idiot. They are always well intentioned, they just don’t get it. So how do you deal with an […]

One huge secret to escape a stalled career

Nerds don’t just happen to dress informally. They do it too consistently. Consciously or not, they dress informally as a prophylactic measure against stupidity. (Paul Graham)

My partner changed the career of a man stuck in a job rut. He was looking for a job and no one would hire him. His current boss wouldn’t […]

Dangers and rewards in the Fortune 50

A Fortune 50 Executive said it was one of the more difficult times of his life. He was in charge of identifying 2000 MBA’s in their organization who would receive layoff notices in December. These were dedicated workers from top schools who were earning fat salaries. They were putting in long hours on important projects, […]

One way the economy is really affecting hiring that is critical, but few notice

10 years ago the average car buyer visited 4.1 dealers before buying. Today he visits 1.7 dealers. The buyers are better informed. They can even find the dealer invoice amount, dealer only incentives and other bargaining information before they buy. The speed of decision making has dramatically increased.

3 years ago companies we deal with […]

The real reasons large projects fail

All large projects do not fail. Only 1/3 of them. The 5 main reasons for failure of large projects that will transform the way people work are well explained. You just think this only applies to Information Systems. Think about the last large transformative project you saw attempted or completed.

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