Networking with scissors and screen prints – for jobs

Networking with scissors and screen prints – for jobs

Your best introduction can be made with scissors or a screen print.

Decide which people you want to network with. Let’s say program managers. Look in websites, newspapers, trade publications, and business magazines for any mention of any program manager who might hire you, or know [...]

The 100% easiest network

The absolute easiest job search networking tool is one of the least used.

To network, you have to communicate. To communicate comfortably you have to have a reason. The most overlooked reason is to say, “Thank you.”

Do you think this is too easy? Do too many people do it? When was the last time [...]

How to get that job they don’t want to give you or don’t have

You may get a job by thorough persistence. Don’t be pestilential and persistent, be pleasant, nice and thoroughly persistent. Let me demonstrate.

My daughter Merrilee has Down Syndrome. Her IQ is 43. She has a lot of advantages over job seekers with down syndrome. Job seekers with down syndrome accept what happens to them fatalistically. [...]

Giving 30 seconds away can get you a job

Giving away 30 seconds to get a job may seem like a no-brainer. The trouble is that few people do it. You have to think about it. Here is how it works.

One college fundraising drive was also an experiment. The fundraisers went into the dormitory common area where there were students. Half the [...]

Giving your way into a job.

Do you know how hard it is to get an administrative job with a symphony orchestra?

A symphony administrator told me how to do it. A woman called him and asked for a job. He said, “I can’t hire you, there is no budget.”

That’s not the end of the story. She said, “I’ll work [...]

Two ways to Robo-Network (no need to talk to people)

Do you want to be known as the person who can solve any problem?

Then go to where people with problems are: online. I assume you are an expert at your profession. Go online and find an online forum where you can contribute. You can ask your co-workers and teachers what online forums they suggest. [...]

Forget lunch. Other ways to network

I know you will not invite to lunch most of the people you see every day. I know that. So now, how do you network with them?

At the office lunchroom, at church, at association meetings, before and after business meetings, at classes, waiting for the bus, at technology events, business fairs and anywhere else [...]

Ask the CEO to lunch? Easy for you to say!

Is this what networking feels like to you?

Okay girl, you see that guy over there? Go introduce yourself and ask him to marry you. Okay?

That is NOT networking.

Let’s talk about networking, not speed dating. Don’t ask anyone to be your mentor before you have met. Don’t ask for a job. [...]

The easiest way to network with bigshots

So why did I talk about lunch and leadership previously? Because they are closely related.

I was talking with a sales candidate. He said, “I’ve had lunch with every important banking executive in Manhattan. Not the presidents, but the guys who can get me in to see the president, CIO, CFO, Chairman or whoever I [...]

The first step towards networking – leadership

Networking? It is leadership. Some of the best connected network creators I know have never been managers, but they all have been leaders. Here is how I learned the most critical lesson in leadership.

I was 19 years old and clueless. I was sitting in a chair and told my roommate, “We’ve got to get [...]