Is an SND keeping you from getting a job?

They certainly give very strange names to diseases. (Plato)

Social Network Diseases

I’m watching you. I’m not trying to, but I am.

Are you having trouble getting taken seriously? You may have a social network disease (SND). One salesman with an SND can ruin sales by the whole team. A couple of years ago you […]

Hallowe’en and your job search, really.

I know it is not Hallowe’en. Humor me.

Tips for job seekers and Halloween trick or treaters are just about the same. Think about how each of these directly applies to looking for a job.

If you are scared, get your dad (a coach) to help on a few doors. Dress for success. Look the […]

What to do about serial disasters in your job search

I lived a couple of summers on a dairy and hog farm. There were only two things to do with manure, put it on the fields or in the creek. Yes, once it went into the creek. The manure that went on the fields helped grow more corn and alfalfa. The manure that went […]

How 2100 hirers say you should use social media

More and more companies are using social media to find and vet job candidates, and more and more often, social media is giving these companies reasons to not hire a candidate.

A survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder found that two in five companies…Click here to read more about the survey of […]

Eagles are loyal, but what if your boss is horrible?

Lee’s boss yelled at him, changed project specs constantly, did not give him a raise in 3 years of outstanding service, was occasionally late with paychecks, and was basically the boss from …. you know where.

I found out about the 3 years of no raises in our first interview. When I asked why, […]

4 ways quitting with extreme prejudice hurts careers every day

Jack’s temporary assignment at the salt mine was coming to a close after a great 9 month term. He was only scheduled for 3 months, but he had done so well it was extended several times. He was getting antsy. Two days before his scheduled last day, he stalked into his bosses office, threw […]

How to make your skills official

You need to make your skills official. You need to get someone to put their stamp of approval on them.

A school is a hopper into which children are heaved while they are still young and tender, therein they are pressed into certain standard shapes and covered from head to heels with official rubber stamps. […]

A list to get you great references

This list will help you get great audio and visual references on your resume. It is also a great thing to send to your references right before they are called.

Few people prepare their references to talk about them. Fewer still have their references recorded and included with their resume. Does it make sense […]

How to put great audio references on your resume

Include your boss in your resume. They can hear him say how well you did. Your coworker will tell how you helped train him. They can hear the sincerity. You can control what the references say. It could get you hired. It will make you unique. I don’t know if it will work for you, […]

Make an incredible standout resume adding a new reference format

We got a resume that was 30 pages long. It included a CD with all the documents and even more information. Karen and I laughed about the ego of the guy who did it. We looked through it to see why he thought he needed so much information. We called and talked to him and […]