What if there are 6 ads and you really want the job?

You see 6 ads for one job you really want. It is so good you would quit you’re your current job just to apply. What do you do?

High Priority Jobs

Getting your resume into the hiring manager’s hands is your quest.

First gather information.

Is there anything that makes you think the writer [...]


A resume if you are overqualified

Did you climb the corporate ladder and find it was leaning against the wrong wall? Tired of 80 hour weeks or being in airports constantly? Did you get a degree that makes it harder to get a job? Do you want to go hunting more? I know a lot of people who managed to get [...]


Tricks To Get Past The Screeners

First of all, apply for every job you are qualified for. It is impossible to tell if the job is real. You may as well take 5 minutes and apply.

Did you notice I did NOT say take 15 seconds and apply? Internet job boards let you send off a resume without thinking. You can [...]


I Dare You To Use This Resume Test

This test applies to resumes and often to job reviews. The principles are the same.

Right now about 5 resumes out of every 100 make it to the hiring manager. The average resume screener is NOT an expert in what you do. If you are lucky he will know half of the technical terms on [...]


Please don’t use these words on your resume

Some words are so overused that they create a mental train wreck for resume readers. Yes, I want you to have all of these characteristics, but show me, don’t expect me to believe your claim just because you use the word.

Here is the original article on words that drive me to distraction.



Do you read under 2 ½ inches?

Most people read in 2 1/2 inch chunks. That is why and newspapers use narrow columns.

Do you have a 3 ½ inch reading span?

Or is yours 2 ½ inches long?

To get your accomplishments and victories noticed, you have to learn the art of placement. You need to put power words [...]


The most dangerous high value resume twist

If you are very focused. If you are determined. If the hiring manager is really missing out by not talking to you.


It can be really personal, calling him by name.

Why not record a YouTube video. Use your webcam, cellphone, or digital camera. Upload it to YouTube. Make it private. [...]


Hallowe’en and your job search, really.

I know it is not Hallowe’en. Humor me.

Tips for job seekers and Halloween trick or treaters are just about the same. Think about how each of these directly applies to looking for a job.

If you are scared, get your dad (a coach) to help on a few doors. Dress for success. Look the [...]


Beat the job boards – Now to get past the human filter

80% of all resumes are discarded 12 seconds AFTER they get to the first human.

Seize the screeners attention.

Here is the secret. Look at the first two sentences.

Using numbers or BOLDED words gets attention Great first words make a difference The first two or three bullet points under your first job [...]


Beat the job boards – electronic filters

When I put an ad on a job board I often get 100 replies, but only 1 or 2 candidates are viable. Since people have to go through 100 terrible resumes to find one or two good ones, electronic filters have been employed. Some of those filters are pretty good. Most of the filters are [...]