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The 7 highest demand job categories are…

After years hearing about the lack of IT professionals, you’d think those are the hardest jobs to fill. But a new report by human resources firm Manpower indicates they are not.

Electricians, welders, and other skilled trades professions are the biggest headaches to hire for in the US and globally…

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“Ash breeze” can fix your job search

Sometimes your job search just isn’t working.  Fix your job search using what the old sailors called “ash breeze”.

You won’t go anywhere in your sailboat if you are becalmed, no wind.  Sailors on the old 3 mast boats used to dread finding themselves where there was no wind.  There are places in the ocean where you can go weeks without a breeze.  The old mariners often had only one way out, “ash breeze.”

When becalmed, a rowboat full of men would be sent out tied to the front of the ship.  They would take their ash wood oars and start rowing.  Progress was always painfully slow.  Any breeze would move a ship faster, but “ash breeze” was better than dying becalmed.

Are you becalmed?  Are you stuck in a company or job that just isn’t getting you anywhere?  The book, Carry On Mr. Bowditch, is the story of one of the greatest mariners of our age.

Bowditch was stuck in a nowhere job.  Born in 1773, with little formal education and  apprenticed to a storeowner, Bowditch became an expert bookkeeper.  He wasn’t where he wanted to be.  He studied mathematics and astronomy on his own.  Eventually he became a sea captain, author and educator.  He received an honorary PhD for his accomplishments.  His book on celestial navigation is still used at the US Naval Academy.

The most important thing you have is your attitude.  Couple attitude with an intense desire to better yourself and you cannot be stopped.  Start preparing now for the job you want to have in five years.  Learn what you need to learn.  The more you work on YOU, the better your life will get.

The harder I work on me, the better my life gets.


Something To Do Today

Read the book, Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, by Latham.

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How do you get started in a new profession?

This is a short video about how to become a journalist, politician, salesperson, accountant, programmer, etc.  It is a great real life example of how to become what you want to be.

Do you know how many engineers do NOT have a degree?  I have a bunch of them in my database.  Accountants, CFO’s, and Controllers without a college degree?  I know managers in CPA firms who do not have an accounting degree, much less a CPA.

Oh yes, I almost forgot.  How many people got a degree and can’t get a job in their field?  I get many of those resumes every single day.  Watch this video to see how one person got started.

3 ways to get the credentials of an expert

My definition of an expert in any field is a person who knows enough about what’s really going on to be scared. (P.J. Plauger)

I spent months getting my CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant).  It does occasionally help me get some work.  It makes me different.  I have become a little more elite than other recruiters.  A lot of people don’t care, but enough care to make it worth the effort.

You can become an elite candidate the same 3 ways I have.


Get a letter of recommendation

An expert gives you his credentials when you have a letter from that expert saying how good you are.  A letter from a non-expert also sets you apart. Someone believes in you.

Take some classes and get a certification

You can get a certifications in almost every field.  Some, like a PhD, are more difficult than others.  Passing a  test is an instant certification in 600 specialties.  Microsoft and Sun have a bunch of certifications for computers.

You need to ask experts in your field for help. What certification can you pass the quickest?  Which will have the biggest impact? Any certification will help.

Write an article for a trade journal

Trade journals and trade web sites are hungry for articles.  Doing an interview article for a trade journal is a great way to introduce yourself to top executives in your field.  “How To” articles show your expertise. You can attach the first page of your articles to the back of your resume.

Being known as an expert will make your job search easier.  It will also get you more money.  Don’t wait until you are out of work to become an expert.  Start working on it now.

Something to do today

Ask around and find out who are the experts in your field.  Find out how they became experts.  You can even call them and ask for advice on how to become an expert.  They will feel flattered.


Why do I make less (or more) money at this job?

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How to turn your dishwasher into a snowplow

You turn your dishwasher into a snowplow with the same three steps that you rise to the next level in your career. Don’t worry, I will tell you how in a minute.

First, you need the right equipment.  Buy the hardware and get the training. Do you need a hammer or a computer?  Buy it. Get training. Training can be at college, at home or on the job.  You can read a book on entrepreneurship or on carpentry.  It doesn’t matter.  You need tools and skills.

Second, you need to start moving around in your future work environment.  Show people you are developing new skills.  If you are a carpenter, start helping to lay out the framing.  Start reading the blueprints.  If you want to be in sales, volunteer to go on sales calls with  the salespeople.  Engineers can volunteer to help in project reviews or requirements gathering.  Start working with the people who can help you get your career where you want it to go.

Third, make the move.  In your current company you may have to tell your boss to hire someone to replace you.  Tell him, “I’m doing so much now that I have to give something up.  Why don’t you hire someone for my old job? I’m worth more to you as an (insert new job).” If you have to quit, find a new job first.  It is almost always easier to find a new job when the hiring manager feels he is stealing a star player instead of hiring a quitter.

Summary: To turn your dishwasher into a snowplow: give him a shovel, show him where you want the snow moved to, and push him out into the snow. Those are the 3 steps I just shared.

Something to do today

Decide which of those three steps is next for you.  Get started on it.


The cheating husband

How fledging falcons can help you get a great job

Each summer we watch a falcon’s nest a dozen floors above the train station in Harrisburg. See it here.  Five falcons fledged our first year.  That means they finally got the maturity and confidence to jump off the ledge and fly. Fledging is learning to fly.

When falcons fledge, they are prepared. They spend time exercising their wings. You see them watching the open sky for days.  When they finally jump off the ledge it is still scarey.  Sometimes they spend the night on a building they didn’t plan to be at.  But, by the next day they have built up enough strength to return to their previous heights.  In a few days they are soaring.


Some people decided to fledge the same week as the falcons.  They gave me a call.

One was working at a company that was morally bankrupt.  He put off fledging for a year and built up his financial reserves.  As he felt more secure, he objected more to the blatant discrimination, mean spiritedness, and rough nature of his office. He stopped being a “team player” because he knew the team was being awful. He was fired for being true to himself.  He is finally flying again.

A fledgling job holder came out of the military two years ago.  His specialty didn’t translate into the civilian world.  He has been building up his non-military credibility.  He is ready to move into a second career.  It is something he has been willing to prepare for.

A salesman moved to a new company two months before.  During that two months the company changed direction three times. She knows she cannot sell in that environment.  She has no faith in the leadership.  She will fledged a month after the falcons.  Her skills have been honed for five years.  It’s just a matter of finding the right place to settle.

Prepare to leave your job.  You may stay at your company or leave your company.  You need to prepare to leave your job anyway.  You may even keep the same title you had in the same company, but make your job change.  There is new software to learn, tricks to improve your productivity, and better ways to help your team. Learn them. You may also need to spend time watching the open sky, observing business and your industry.  You need to see where companies and careers are going so you can fly in the changing world we are in.

Fledge. Prepare, then jump off a ledge and fly.

Something to do today

Spend some time staring off into space.  How will your company, your job and industry change in the next five years.  What can you do to be ahead of the change curve?


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Top secret job hunting

Read want ads even if you are NOT job hunting

Free career intelligence

How to turn your dishwasher into a snowplow

How to make your skills official

You need to make your skills official.  You need to get someone to put their stamp of approval on them.

A school is a hopper into which children are heaved while they are still young and tender, therein they are pressed into certain standard shapes and covered from head to heels with official rubber stamps.  (H. L. Mencken)

Today I could apply for a job as a writer and have a real chance of getting it. Four years ago it would have been much tougher. I can now prove I am an author, a writer and a man of letters.  My published articles prove it.  One particular article proves that I am an expert at finding IT security folks and possibly an expert at computer security.

In reality I was a writer and a recruiter before the articles were published.  Yet, today I am much more marketable as both.

School did not make it official.  Someone putting their reputation on the line to use my work is what made it official.  Someone with a bit to gain and a lot to lose said, “We’re proud to have him write for us.”

I have seen programmers with 3 months of experience beat out programmers with years of experience.  The reason is that the rookie looked more official.  Someone trusted the rookie with a big role in a major project and he pulled through. He was excited, passionate and had the obvious imprimatur of his boss. The senior programmers who lost were always background support doing 40 hour weeks with no enthusiasm and no risk.

It’s official when you’ve proved it in commercial competition.  Not just when the team gets the job done, but when YOU personally made it happen.

How can you make your accomplishments and knowledge undeniably official?

Something to do today

Send an idea for an article to a publication or website about your field.  Submit it and see what happens.  They may ask you to write it.


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No BS interviews work

How to quit

The old boy network

Exploit the old boys

The money question

Are you passively employed ?

Thinking of yourself passively — as being employed and, therefore, subject to the dictates of someone else — can be fatal to your long-term success. In reality, you’re the president of your own personal-services corporation. You’re completely in charge of production, quality control, training and development, marketing, finance, and promotion.

Seeing yourself as self-employed forces you to recognize that you are also self-responsible and self-determining. That everything that happens to you happens because of your conduct and your behavior. You’re in the driver’s seat. You’re behind the steering wheel of your life. It’s up to you to decide how to utilize your talents and abilities in such a way as to bring you the very highest return on the investment of your time and energy.  (Brian Tracy)

read the whole thing here.

5 quantum skills of IT, accounting, legal, and operations professionals

5 quantum skills of IT, accounting, legal, and operations professionals that will change your career and your company in this article.

Previously, I explored the forces driving fundamental changes to the IT business model. This is leading to what is being called the Quantum Age of IT–an era in which IT success and value is driven less by technology and more by relationships and interactions. We examined how this is leading IT organizations to develop five organizational traits to become learning organizations, disciplined organizations, transparent organizations, intimate organizations and, finally, dynamic organizations.

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Why worry about a degree? An advanced degree?

Dinosaur Jim was a professor of dinosaurs at BYU and he only earned a high school diploma.  He discovered more earth shattering fossils than any other man alive.  He published unbelievable finds.  Finally he was awarded an honorary PhD.  They built a large building just for his incredible fossil collection.

You can get ahead without a college degree.  To do it in the university or corporate world you have to be twice as good as the best guy with his university papers.

Let’s see, there is Michael Dell and Bill Gates.  They dropped out of college.  The guy who founded Wendy’s dropped out of high school.  Everyone knows those three.  You can probably name a few more very successful people who did not finish their education but became rich.  With luck you will name one person, who did not start the company himself, who rose to lead a major company without a college degree.  Many who started into their careers without a degree went back and got their degrees at night or dropped out for a few years to get an MBA.

Education is a foundation for people climbing the corporate ladder

I’m not saying you have to get a college degree.  However, you have to be twice as good as the college graduate in order to compete in upper management job hunting.  That is just a fact of life.  And a Bachelor’s 4 year degree is worth a whole lot more than an Associate’s 2 year degree.  Banks love MBA’s.  Technical companies love Masters Degrees and PhD’s.

It may be hard to get your college degree now.  Part time education for years is not appealing to many people.  And you don’t have to do it.  But building the foundation at this point in your career will be easier than building it 5 years from now.  Here’s why: you are being evaluated every day at work for a move up the career ladder.  Like it or not, you are the guy without a degree, MBA or engineering degree.  People say it and know it.  It can be positive if you are the best guy in the company and everyone knows it.  Otherwise, it is already killing your career. Every time managers compare you to another employee they mention it.

Think about it.  If you want to climb the corporate ladder, a degree will help.

Something to do today

Unless you have a PhD, check out how you can get another degree part-time. What can it hurt to just find out?


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