1 way to blow an interview, 10 ways to fix it

Perfect candidates blow interviews like this every day.

Daryl comes out of another tense project meeting at work. He’s late leaving for his job interview. He guiltily leaves his jacket hanging in his cubicle so no one will suspect he is gone and sneaks out to his car. He turns on talk radio where politicians […]

I hate (certain) firefighters

“Jim barely went home for the last two weeks. He saved the Membership Project. Our customer was screaming because of the implementation problems. We are giving Jim a bonus and a week of vacation for his efforts.”

Jim is a firefighter and an arsonist. He led a project down the path of failure. When his […]

Forgetting to get a job – Liar research day

“Five wasted years due to a liar. I was promised equity, part ownership, and then they sold the company without giving it to me. I was robbed. I’ll never trust anyone again. Now I’m in it for the money. I’m in it for me.”

He has the skills to succeed, but who would hire him […]

The healthiest way to look at jobs unfilled

Needlessly unfilled jobs get me mad. They keep you out of a job. They lower profits at the companies that desperately need the right person.

This article calls the over qualification of a job opening “zombie thinking”. I like the solution Lou gives to solving the problem. Unfortunately it has to be solved by the […]

4 keys to take charge of a group – networking

Networking? It is leadership. Some of the best connected network creators I know have never been managers, but they all have been leaders.

Seize Opportunity to take charge of a group

90% of opportunity is seized, 10% is granted.

So who decides where you go for lunch? In a group of 10, 8 people will […]

What to do before you quit

Should you quit your job to look for a new job?


Hiring someone who has a job is always easier for managers than hiring someone who is unemployed. The reason is that they figure 90% of the people who are unemployed have one of 3 problems: they are incompetent, they are troublemakers or they […]

Why your coworkers shudder when you approach

Admit it. You have worked with someone you just wanted to avoid. You have done your best to get out of projects with one of your coworkers. There is someone whose footsteps send a wave of panic through your body.

Here is a look at 11 sins you will recognize. Do any apply to you?


What if you were fired totally unfairly?

When you are fired or laid off, you are wounded. How do you tell when you are healed?

“Of one thing I am certain, the body is not the measure of healing, peace is the measure.” —Phyllis McGinley

You may need to take a week or two off before looking for a job. If you […]

3 reasons to not even consider a counter-offer from your old company

It always sounds self serving when I say it.

So read here what are 3 solid reasons to not even consider a counter offer.

When you quit your job, and your old company offers you a raise, better offices, and a promotion if you stay, it is because they are desperate. Desperate people don’t really […]

3 big ways to do “Thank you” wrong

HR said, “We are still going to bring George in, but his Thank You note wasn’t professional at all.”

I cringed as she told me the problem. Then I decided to do a survey of managers, directors, and HR folks to see how a Thank You can be done wrong.

The 3 biggest mistakes:

A […]