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Are you just like this trumpet where you work? Or like the band teacher?

It was in my mother’s garage.  A trumpet.  We have no clue where it came from.  We took it to the band teacher who said, “That’s a nice old German trumpet.  It should be cleaned and fixed.” We still don’t know where it came from.

The trumpet may play beautiful music again. It only takes up space and makes noise until its value is accurately assessed.  Then a master appears and music dances in the air.

Two things about jobs to learn from this.

  1. You have skills that still are waiting to be discovered.  I don’t know what they are.  If something comes easily to you, if you see things others don’t, then you need to explore those skills and where they lead. Unexpected gifts should be tested and developed.
  2. Other people have great potential to fix the very problems you can’t get your arms around.  The person who can help may already work in your office.  They only need some training and an opportunity.  Give them that opportunity and you have changed their lives.  Plus, they’ll work cheap for a while.  Look around you for talents others are not using.  You don’t have to be a manager to help people develop skills.

Are you the trumpet or the band teacher who can spot a great trumpet?

Something To Do Today                                              

Take a fresh look at your personal skills.  What do you pick up most quickly?  What do you see or hear that others can’t fathom?

Also take a fresh look at the people around you.


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Mortal combat: win every time

I exhort you also to take part in the great combat, which is the combat of life, and greater than every other earthly combat.  (Plato)

If you job hunt (or go to work) expecting mortal combat, where the other guy must lose, you will fail.  If you have a strong attitude that, “The company, my manager and I are going to win big,” you will succeed.  In mortal combat you must defeat the real enemy every time. You will lose every time if you fight your allies.

Are companies idiots for not hiring you?  Is every interviewer prejudiced?  Let’s look at your job.  Do you assume that your workplace is run by fools?  Do you know more than your boss?  Do you hang around the complainers and whiners at work?  Are you the ringleader?  Are people out to get you?

People really may be out to get you if you have a bad attitude.  A hiring manager wants someone who will help and support him.  Promotions come to people who help raise team spirits and achieve goals.  Raises are given when a person is worth more than they are being paid. 

Often you have to train your manager.  She doesn’t have your perspective on problems.  You need to constantly bring things to her attention that she may not know. You need to train her patiently, the way you would like to be trained. 

Would you like to get pats on the back for the good things you do along with the occasional pointer on how to correct a mistake?  Do the same with your boss.  Positive reinforcement sets the stage for your negative comments to be heard.  Take an attitude check today.  Are you saying 5 positive things for every negative you voice?  Keep track.

Are you job hunting?  Can the interviewer tell how you engage in destructive mortal combat?  Is that why they are avoiding you?  If the right attitude shines through, they will hire you.

Business really is mortal combat.  You have to plan on winning every time.  Are you going to defeat stupidity with perfect logic and rapier sharp attacks?  No, you will lose.  Do you plan on patiently helping everyone learn, grow and win?  Your victory is assured.

An attitude of constant improvement will win. Constant carping criticism loses every time.   

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Something To Do Today

Keep a notepad with you.  Make two columns.  Put a check in one column for every positive thing you say.  Put a check in the other column for every negative thing you say.  Do the positives outstrip the negatives by 5 to 1?