The pause that destroys a job interview

It is not when YOU pause that destroys you.

Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer. (Muhammed Ali)

An interviewer said, “Tell me what your biggest weakness is.” The candidate gave one example. There was a pause. The interviewer looked puzzled. Uncomfortable, the candidate gave another weakness. The surprised […]

How to deal with interview traps

Questions that are really interview traps can kill your chances

Thumb screws and the iron maiden are no longer considered proper interview tools. Nasty traps are rarely set for candidates. The most common snare is a reasonable question or a pause that becomes the killing moment in an interview. We’ll talk about pauses another […]

2 critical interview questions you should always ask the hirer

The interviewer’s first worry (out of 7)

You may be talking yourself out of a job. Your resume and your interview may combine to scare the interviewer. He may think he will lose control of his situation if he even makes you a job offer.

The hiring manager for any job usually already feels out […]

What to ask in the interview – the 4 best questions

Contributor, hard working, excited and interested will get you a job. Greedy, lazy, bored and distracted will get you shown the door out.

Excellent questions are a way to show the difference between you and the other candidates. You need to ask questions that show you will take some of the burden off of the […]

How to blow an interview using any of 5 questions

Yes, the wrong questions can destroy your chance to be hired.

True story with our candidate: He was interviewing for a $100,000/year job. The interview had lasted an hour. The hiring manager loved the candidate. There was no one else interviewing. The hirer had made up his mind that this guy was going to work […]

You have to ask two questions in every interview

Ask, and it shall be given unto you. (Bible)

I talk to hiring managers after interviews to see how my candidates have done. I also ask about the competition. One of the common complaints I hear about many candidates is, “I’m not sure he really wanted the job.”

When I ask my candidates about […]

How to find the technical interview questions you will be asked

Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer. (Charles C. Colton)

Passing technical interviews used to be the bane of my company’s existence. I would send very qualified individuals for programming jobs. They would come back from their technical interview bleak and […]

The technical interview secret they never tell you

I did great in my first interview for my first job as a programmer temp. Then they started asking questions about exactly how a database control statement was written. I had written the crazy things, but I couldn’t remember exactly how it had to go. I was forced to admit I just couldn’t remember.

That […]

The 2 most powerful questions to ask when you are interviewed

Your new job was not what you expected. The official job description really only told what you would do 15 hours each week. The other 45 hours per week you were wrestling alligators or cleaning bedpans. You quit after 1 month.

Keep this from happening to you by asking two questions.

Your two questions need […]

5 brave interview questions for Eagles to ask

I have been asked to find people for the ultimate bad situation. For example a job had 4 bosses in 1 year – each one fired. 7 coworkers had quit in that same year.

I asked the difficult questions, and then refused to place someone in that job. However, I have placed people in difficult […]