5 Weeks – How to find a job in 5 weeks

One guy is out of work for less than a month, and he gets a job offer with a raise. It takes 6 months to get a job for the guy who sat next to him. This poor guy was doing exactly the same job, got better performance ratings, and would get rehired first if the job was re-opened. […]

Giving 30 seconds away can get you a job

Giving away 30 seconds to get a job may seem like a no-brainer. The trouble is that few people do it. You have to think about it. Here is how it works.

One college fundraising drive was also an experiment. The fundraisers went into the dormitory common area where there were students. Half the […]

9 ways a recruiter can help you

As a recruiter I help people get jobs, but only a few people. I also prepare a bunch of people to get jobs on their own. […]

Being cheerful in an interview can get you a job – like an Eagle

Managers really want to avoid this guy. Cheerful is good. Positive is positive. Then there is Larry. Larry is an interviewer’s greatest fear.

Larry attracts indifference. His smile rarely reaches his eyes. The way he walks looks like he is just a little reluctant. Larry is not depressed. He is recessed. Life’s okay, but, […]

Obedient is a great word in an interview – like an Eagle

Not a popular word, obedient. It can be magical in an interview.

It can get you a job.

If your previous boss overruled your objections and you did what he said to the best of your ability, mention it. Tell how you backed him up. If the outcome was good, so much the better.

Companies […]

Can you dress as well as this stripper in court?

She uses clothes as a weapon. To win a Texas millionaire husband she dressed provocatively. Then her husband died and she was fighting to get her inheritance in court. She showed up at the US Supreme Court dressed conservatively in black. Anna Nicole effectively used clothes in both cases.

Are you as smart as she […]

What to say about the horrible people you worked with

Our office was small, 5 desks. We always wear office casual. Our interview style is casual. We ask a lot of tough questions, but we try our best to put candidates at ease.

A candidate was making some rather crude remarks about former coworkers. He shoveled up some really inappropriate dirt on some characters […]

The stupidest thing answer to, “What are your weaknesses?”

What is one of your weaknesses?

The candidate gave one weakness. He was prepared for that question.

The interviewer paused and frowned. He couldn’t remember what he had planned for the next question.

The candidate got nervous. Why did the interviewer pause? He blurted out another weakness. This one was a little more serious. He […]

4 ways to prepare for an interview to get ten percent more

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, In practice, there is. (Chuck Reid)

Every manager wants to find someone with:

Less experience More raw ability More talent Bigger potential profits Lower pay

Everyone is looking for the same magical person. They get twice as much done, and you only pay them […]

Two ways to fight interview red herrings

Reading off of a sheet of questions, each interviewer takes a turn asking set questions. There are technical questions, motivation questions and team related questions. Which are the most important ones? Which are the red herrings?

If you interview with 5 people at a company, you will have to deal with 5 agendas. Each […]