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5 Weeks – How to find a job in 5 weeks

Do you need a job now?  Then use the best job search plan ever created.

Come on!  How could it possibly be the best EVER created? Because it was created for only one person.  You.

I have seen it happen over and over.

One guy is out of work for less than a month, and he gets a job offer with a raise.

free from a bad job

Find a job in 5 weeks – that is freedom

It takes 6 months to get a job for the guy who sat next to him.  This poor guy was doing exactly the same job, got better performance ratings, and would get rehired first if the job was re-opened. To make things worse, the guy who took six months accepts a huge pay cut.

          It isn’t fair, but it happens every day.

It isn’t luck.  The guy who finds a job quickly did things differently.  He may have instinctively done the few most critical steps within the first days of losing his job.  He may also have mapped out a strategy and executed it.  Either way, he got the critical steps executed.  He got the job.

The critical steps most often screwed up by the guys who take 6 months to find a job.

For 22 years I’ve been watching people get jobs in days, or wait a year to find a job.  The steps most often screwed up are:

  • The resume stunk, and he never found out.
  • He burned his best leads before he was prepared.
  • Monster became his momma.
  • HR (Human Resources Department) was his master.
  • He never expanded his network, but he talked to a zillion people.
  • Interviews never seemed to go right.
  • He waited for a phone call back.
  • He thought recruiters were his friends

Give me a call or research these topics on my blog.

If you want to have the shortest job search possible.  Fill out the survey at this link and then contact me.  bryan@dilts.us or call Bryan Dilts at 717-975-9001.

No, I don’t guarantee that you will get a job offer in 5 weeks.  But I will put 22 years of experience behind your job search.

Giving 30 seconds away can get you a job

Giving away 30 seconds to get a job may seem like a no-brainer.  The trouble is that few people do it.  You have to think about it.  Here is how it works.

 One college fundraising drive was also an experiment.  The fundraisers went into the dormitory common area where there were students.  Half the time they just asked for donations.  The other times they came and handed out soft drinks as they asked for donations.  The trips with the soft drinks raised several times more money.  The secret is giving something away before you ask for help.

Give 30 seconds away.

Your time and attention are your most valuable possessions.

The greatest secret of top salesmen is: establish a relationship before you sell yourself.  Break your target person out of their rut before you sell yourself. Start by spending 30 seconds talking about them.  Few people can resist trying to help someone who has given them 30 seconds of rapt attention.

Ask a question and then listen.   “How is your day going so far?  How many of these interviews do you do in a day?  You must be worn out by now, how do you keep a fresh attitude?  Is that a picture of your dog?  My kids were crazy this morning, do you think it was just the weather?  How did you learn to do this job?”

It takes practice.  Get the book, How To Win Friends And Influence People, by Dale Carnegie.  Read and apply one chapter a day. It will make people smile when you enter the room.  You’ll be memorable.  You will also enjoy meeting other people more than you ever have before.

Want a job?  You have to stand out from the crowd.  Give your most important possession away.  Give 30 seconds of your time and attention.  You will be fondly remembered by everyone you meet.  They will also really want to help you because you are a nice person.


Something To Do Today

Practice giving away 30 seconds with everyone you meet.

Later:  Beauty contest job openings and being memorable

9 ways a recruiter can help you

I was talking to a job hunter who said, “Recruiters have never done much for me.” I understand the sentiment. It depends on what you expect.

As a recruiter I help people get jobs, but only a few people. I also prepare a bunch of people to get jobs on their own.

Some things I can do for you are:

  1. I help you get your resume to look good enough to get you interviews.
  2. I find jobs you didn’t know about and submit you for them.
  3. I talk to hiring managers and try to give you an unfair advantage.
  4. I give you guidance on better interviewing.
  5. I remind you to send a thank you note after the interview.
  6. I follow up and follow up and follow up with hiring managers.
  7. I negotiate a higher salary.
  8. I help you resign successfully.
  9. I smooth the way into your new job.

Now, you’ll notice that a bunch of those I do whether you get the job or not. As a recruiter I may not directly get you a job. I may just help you learn some job hunting skills even if I am not paid for it.

One more thing. If I find a better candidate anytime during the process, I will present him to the company. My driving loyalty is getting the best person for the job. I am absolutely committed to avoiding second best. I’ll help you, but you need to be the best candidate for a job. Live with it.

I help people get jobs. I help a few people get the job I submit their resume for. However, I have a huge impact on a lot of job seekers as I help them to become more employable.

Something To Do Today

Make a list of suggestions you have received from recruiters that have helped in your job search.  Make sure you remember them for the interviews where the recruiters are not involved.

Being cheerful in an interview can get you a job – like an Eagle

Managers really want to avoid this guy.  Cheerful is good.  Positive is positive. Then there is Larry. Larry is an interviewer’s greatest fear.

Larry attracts indifference. His smile rarely reaches his eyes. The way he walks looks like he is just a little reluctant.  Larry is not depressed.  He is recessed. Life’s okay, but, why waste energy on strangers or something that is not entertaining.  He wants a job. He is going on just another interview for just another job. No reason to be excited. He doesn’t care if his cup is half full or half empty. What is there to care about?

Now let’s look at what cheerful means

Joe smiles as he walks up to the building.  A minor adventure is beginning for him. The receptionist gets a nervous but enthusiastic greeting.  She calls the interviewer with a smile on her lips because of Joe.  In the interview Joe is attentive and talks about things he likes at his current job.  He slides by questions about his boss, “Little Hitler”.  Instead he concentrates on projects where his whole team got things done. Sure his company is failing, but look what you can accomplish.  Joe’s cup is half full, and he can’t wait to taste what is in it.

Two guys equally qualified.  Which would you like to work with? Who would you hire?

Which of the two guys are you?

Something to do today

In The Pirates Of Penzance the perfect officer knows “many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse.”   It is ridiculous, but important.

You and your recruiter should be able to come up with many cheerful facts about the company and job you are going to interview for.  Make a list.  Read it right before you go in for the interview.


Later: Interview like an Eagle -10

Start a salary bidding war

Top secret job hunting

Read want ads even if you are NOT job hunting

Free career intelligence

How to turn your dishwasher into a snowplow

Obedient is a great word in an interview – like an Eagle

Not a popular word, obedient.  It can be magical in an interview.

It can get you a job.

If your previous boss overruled your objections and you did what he said to the best of your ability, mention it.  Tell how you backed him up.  If the outcome was good, so much the better.

Companies want to hire people who will point out problems, but still execute the company line.  Many people dissent, sabotage and destroy.  Instead, companies want people who dissent, engage, build up, and make things happen.  Vast numbers of companies succeed with mediocre plans and people who are excellent at execution.  Companies with great plans that are rife with backstabbing and contention always fail.

If you can show that you can execute even a mediocre plan to excellent standards.  You’ll get hired.

Something to do today

Make a list of the 3 times you disagreed most with a plan, but executed it well.  It may be a key to getting hired.

This “like an Eagle” series is based on the Boy Scout Law.  I am helping train a bunch of kids to be Eagles this year.


This quote is just fun, not like an Eagle.

The thing that impresses me the most about America is the way parents obey their children. (King Edward VIII)


Later: Interview like an Eagle -9

Start a salary bidding war

Top secret job hunting

Read want ads even if you are NOT job hunting

Free career intelligence

How to turn your dishwasher into a snowplow

Can you dress as well as this stripper in court?

She uses clothes as a weapon.  To win a Texas millionaire husband she dressed provocatively.  Then her husband died and she was fighting to get her inheritance in court.  She showed up at the US Supreme Court dressed conservatively in black. Anna Nicole effectively used clothes in both cases.

Are you as smart as she is?

First off, if you won’t be happy at work unless you have pink hair with cheek, nose and tongue rings, and a t-shirt with a provocative theme, wear them all to the job interview.  You may as well find out quickly if you fit in.

If you don’t really care what you wear, dress conservatively.  Guys, remove all earrings.  Girls, one pair will do, maybe two conservative pairs.  Ask someone who is a manager in a similar company to help you choose what to wear.  Tell them to be brutally honest. Then follow their advice.

Make sure that your clothes all fit.  Guys, if you need bigger pants, get them. Using hydraulic equipment to tighten up your belt looks terrible.  Girls, make sure your bra fits and is not a distraction because of bulges around the edges.  Both of you, if your shirt buttons are strained at all then the shirt is too small.

Of course you need to find out if you should wear a suit or business casual.  If you have any doubts, ask.  Your recruiter or the HR person who sets up the interview will tell you.

Are you smart enough to dress yourself?  Then dress yourself to get the job.

Something to do today

Find your clothing advisor.  Make it someone at the level of your interviewers if you can.


Later:               When your brain stops

It’s the manager

What to say about the horrible people you worked with

Our office was small, 5 desks.  We always wear office casual.  Our interview style is casual.  We ask a lot of tough questions, but we try our best to put candidates at ease.

A candidate was making some rather crude remarks about former coworkers.  He shoveled up some really inappropriate dirt on some characters he knew.  Finally he was told, “Saying things like that in an interview is going to keep everyone from wanting to have anything to do with you.”

He replied, “But this isn’t an interview.”

His mistake

You are in an interview anytime you talk with someone who can help you get a job. Use your interview manners when you talk to friends, acquaintances, recruiters, people in Human Resources and when you talk to a company President.  Your friend who knows a manager in another company is interviewing you when you ask him to submit your resume.  A recruiter is always interviewing people.

Some interviewers, like recruiters, require more in-depth information than others.  Give it to them, but don’t show hatred.  Don’t viciously gossip.

That doesn’t mean you should hide things, it means you should get over them.  Let them go.  Forgive. Forget.  At the very least stop bringing horrible things up.

A way to measure what to say

The measure of what you should say now, is what you imagine yourself saying about the situation in 5 or 10 years.

When you are looking for a job in 5 or 10 years you will not say much about the SOB’s at your last job.  They won’t be worth the time.  You may have to say why you left, but it will only take 20 seconds.

When you paint someone with a hateful brush, you expose your hate.  Your hatred, loathing or disgust is never pretty.  Those who see it will always wonder when you will say the same things about them.  A rabid vicious dog is never welcome in any neighborhood.  So, why would someone want you, a vengeful, spiteful, nasty mouthed person, working on their team?

Get on with your life.  Forgive, forget.  Concentrate on the good things you do.  Remember, you are always in an interview.

Something to do today

Think about the negatives that come out of your mouth in an interview. Figure out a way to clinically describe bad things that happened without emotion.  Figure out how to do it in 20 seconds.


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Where to fish

The stupidest thing answer to, “What are your weaknesses?”

What is one of your weaknesses?

The candidate gave one weakness.  He was prepared for that question.

The interviewer paused and frowned. He couldn’t remember what he had planned for the next question.

The candidate got nervous.  Why did the interviewer pause?  He blurted out another weakness. This one was a little more serious.  He hadn’t prepared to offer more than one weakness.

This so caught the interviewer off guard that he blinked a couple of times and furrowed his brow.

The candidate couldn’t hold back.  There was another weakness.

The candidate fell apart.  He added three more weaknesses.  He talked himself out of a job.

Be prepared to talk about one weakness.  For good measure, make it something that could be a strength, but that you take too far.  It could be working late or being a perfectionist.  Tell how you correct the weakness.

Then shut up.

We confess our little faults to persuade people that we have not larger ones.  (Francois de La Rochefoucauld)

Never give more than one weakness.  Staple your lips shut if you have to.

Something to do today

Prepare for the question, “What is one of your weaknesses.”  Make sure you also include in your answer how you compensate for that weakness..


Later:              The millionaire mind

But this isn’t an interview

Whistle while you work

Hustle while you wait

The $5 call girl

Where to fish

4 ways to prepare for an interview to get ten percent more

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, In practice, there is. (Chuck Reid)

Every manager wants to find someone with:

  • Less experience
  • More raw ability
  • More talent
  • Bigger potential profits
  • Lower pay

Everyone is looking for the same magical person.  They get twice as much done, and you only pay them a little more. You can pay them 10 percent more than their peers and still be paying them less than they really and truly are worth. That means more profit and a bigger bonus for management.

Where is it determined to pay them 10 percent more? In the interview.

If you interview well, you will get paid more. It is just a fact of life. There are several places to get better interview skills:

  • Teach a class
  • Lead a group
  • Take an interview preparation class
  • Join Toastmasters.

Teach a class

Many schools and most churches are looking for teachers. It may be a one time one hour visit or a weekly commitment. Often they have a Teacher Preparation class or manual. Volunteer. Even if you do poorly the first time, you can get that teacher preparation book or course and learn to succeed. Teaching a class gives you experience speaking to groups and imparting your expertise. The smoothness you develop will help a lot in interviews.

Lead a group

The Elks Club, Rotary Club, youth sports, Boy and Girl Scouts, 4H, PTA, and every other organized group of people needs leaders. You can lead a small committee or the whole club. The experience you gain dealing with groups will make a big difference in your interview skills and how much you earn.

Take an interview preparation class

They may cost a hefty chunk of change, but they can make a big difference in how much you are paid and how much you earn. Sometimes they will have video recorded practice interviews, group evaluations and individual coaching.

Join Toastmasters

www.toastmasters.org is the best place to go to learn to deal well with groups. They develop your ability to give prepared and unprepared speeches. There are multiple clubs near you. Visit several of them and find a place you fit.

Something to do today

The first thing to do is check out Toastmasters. Then volunteer to lead a group or class somewhere. Develop your interview skills.


Two ways to fight interview red herrings

Reading off of a sheet of questions, each interviewer takes a turn asking set questions.  There are technical questions, motivation questions and team related questions.  Which are the most important ones?  Which are the red herrings?

If you interview with 5 people at a company, you will have to deal with 5 agendas.  Each will have a different set of core values and competencies they are looking for.  So how do you win?

Be yourself, but avoid dwelling on yourself.

Be yourself

Make sure your interviewers know one or two endearing things that make you different.  For instance, I have ten kids and will be going into the mountains with my Boy Scouts this month.  That will set Bryan Dilts apart from other candidates and give me a personality.  Do you have a computer network in your basement?  Were you the top salesman of Girl Scout cookies as a kid?  Are you a Steelers fan?  Mention one or two things that make you unique.  Okay, I’m not sure about mentioning politics and the NFL.

Avoid dwelling on yourself

Historians are like deaf people who go on answering questions that no one has asked them. (Leo Tolstoy)

A quick mention of your one or two endearing qualities is all that is needed.  Then it is time to mention past job performance.

When asked about what you did, mention specific projects.  You can say, “I was in charge of the budget,” or you can say, “While I was in charge of the budget we increased productivity 60% while increasing the budget only 20%.”  That will catch their attention.  As a salesperson you can say, “I sold to companies with over 2000 employees,” or you can get bonus points by saying, “In the last year I opened new accounts at 14 companies, each with over 2000 employees.”

Don’t dwell on yourself.  Dwell on the facts.  Facts that demonstrate your value to your last company and the company you are interviewing with.

Their red herrings

You really have no hope of knowing which of their questions are red herrings.  All you can do is refocus each question they ask on what you have accomplished in the past.  Given a choice, most people would rather work with someone who will get things done rather than someone who answers the questions just like they are supposed to.

Ignore their red herrings and show them you are a big fish.  They’ll want to reel you in and hire you.

Something to do today

Ask if you can help do interviews at your current company.  You may be surprised what you learn about being interviewed by watching others in the hot seat and talking with your boss about them afterwards.


Later:              Interview red herring – yours