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Are you paid enough?

I help people get paid enough.

A lot of folks are underpaid.  I’ve gotten a few people 50% pay raises.

I try not to get them paid too much.  If they are paid too much they get laid off.

This article gives some good answers to the question, “Are you paid enough?”

6 things to do to go from WalMart wages to Tiffany’s wages

Are you paid like you work at WalMart, Target, or Tiffany’s jewelry store?

You have to decide what your value will be.  WalMart prices may be the only thing that get you a job the way you are.  With a little work you may be worth more. If you can polish yourself up from a diamond in the rough to a brilliant cut diamond, you may just make it to the world of Tiffany’s custom jewelry.

Some things you can do to earn Tiffany’s wages are:

1. Education and certifications

2. Build a reputation through publishing and public speaking

3. File a patent or two

4. Track how much money you make or save your company

5. Lead a very profitable group at work

6. Work for an elite company

After you are a diamond worthy of Tiffany’s, you have to demand to be paid like one.  But don’t worry, there will be people calling you every month with a new job offer if you really are ready for Tiffany’s.

Something to do today

Do you want more money?  Figure out how the very highly paid people in your field are different from you.  Write out a plan to become like them. If you don’t know what they did, call them up and ask them.


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