Avoid job search disaster

Susan was looking for a job for 6 months.  It was a disaster.  She submitted masses of resumes.  Occasionally she would get a call back. She even had a couple of interviews. She never got the job.

5 weeks after I started working with her, she was hired.

Amateurs vs. Professionals

Amateurs who dabble in job searches give terrible advice. The worst ones are the writers and journalists who are really just PR hacks. You see them on TV, on the big job search sites, and in books. They do “research” to figure out what to say.

My advice works because I have spent 16 years in the trenches as a recruiter.  I sell people to people.  I can teach you my skills.

You can get a series of seminars to teach you how to REALLY get a GREAT JOB.

The 5 biggest lies about job searches

The worst lies are the ones you don’t even consider challenging.

1. All the jobs can be found online.

The latest survey I saw says that 80% of jobs are NOT advertised.  I can systematically find them.  Can you?

2. That resume is fine.

The only good resume is one that gets you interviews.  If you apply for a job you are qualified for, EXPECT a call.  That is the only acceptable resume standard.

3. Send your resume to the address on the web.

Fine, if you like being in a cattle call with a hundred other identical applicants.  With training you can often get right to the hiring manager.  Would that help?

4. They just didn’t like me.

Had a phone interview and they never set up an appointment?  After an in-person interview you never heard from them again?  There’s a reason.  Probably a few.  I can show you how to figure out what really happened.

5. Go for a lower level job, it’s easier.

It is HARDER to take a step down. Employers are afraid you’ll leave in a month or two when something better comes along.  People who tell this lie should…

Okay, so what can you do?

First take this free 8 question job search skills survey. Make sure and save the results.  Then I’ll call, and we can talk about what will work best for you.  That may include receiving our newsletter, a series of seminars, and one-on-one coaching to teach you how to REALLY get a GREAT JOB.

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