Good job interview basics

I occasionally get to work with really bad candidates. Ones with an interview problem.

This one could not get a job. He was sure it wasn’t his fault. So, I did a mock interview with him. He leaned back in his chair, steepled his fingers in front of his face almost as if in prayer, [...]

Give the right answer in your job interview

In a job interview it is easy to give the wrong answer. You can also get in the habit of checking to see if you gave the right answer. It can get you a job.

Well, if I called the wrong number, why did you answer the phone? (Thurber)

What time is it? Wrong answer.


What a laser like focus means in your job search (part 1)

Your job search and resume have to have a laser-like focus. But what does that really mean?

Light waves first marched in step half a century ago. The laser was born. A 10 watt laser will burn you from a mile away. A 100 watt light bulb will only burn you if you touch it.


Avoid the Rush Limbaugh job interview

My apologies in advance. I like Rush Limbaugh. He’s a great entertainer.

Can you imagine interviewing someone with Rush Limbaugh’s on-air attitude? It might go something like this:

Q. What are your most current skills?

A. I not only have skills, I have abilities, insight and a keen intellect that will be focused with laser-like [...]

Your job search: the poker game

If you look at every job search decision, action, and result as a measure of your worth, you are setting yourself up for massive failure. In this article a world renowned poker player talks about evaluating decisions based on the information you had at the time you made the decision.

There may be absolutely nothing [...]

How to be memorable in a job interview beauty contest

I can only remember one Miss America winner. She had a bold nose, played a lap harp like a rock instrument, and her family spent 3 years in South America as missionaries. That was Charlene Wells.

Charlene was different, really different in a few big ways. She won without getting a nose job. It was [...]

Giving 30 seconds away can get you a job

Giving away 30 seconds to get a job may seem like a no-brainer. The trouble is that few people do it. You have to think about it. Here is how it works.

One college fundraising drive was also an experiment. The fundraisers went into the dormitory common area where there were students. Half the [...]

Hallowe’en and your job search, really.

I know it is not Hallowe’en. Humor me.

Tips for job seekers and Halloween trick or treaters are just about the same. Think about how each of these directly applies to looking for a job.

If you are scared, get your dad (a coach) to help on a few doors. Dress for success. Look the [...]

Why hiring managers should be personality tested, and not candidates

HR uses personality tests to protect their jobs when bad hires are made. Hiring managers use the tests to try and do less badly at reading personalities. If they would test themselves first, things would go better.

This article also shows why a two question test often works just as well as the hour long [...]

You have to give me a job – the scariest phrase I hear

How would you react to a candidate who said, “You have to give me a new job. I am seriously considering suicide.”

I deal with that problem for real, literally. Forgive me, please, all of you suicide counselors, but I react the same way to that statement as I do to a threat on my [...]