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You have to give me a job – the scariest phrase I hear

How would you react to a candidate who said, “You have to give me a new job.  I am seriously considering suicide.”

I deal with that problem for real, literally.  Forgive me, please, all of you suicide counselors, but I react the same way to that statement as I do to a threat on my life.  The people who make that comment are a threat to me, my family, and my job. We have literally locked the front door of the office when worried about someone who made that comment.

You tend to infect people with your attitude.  We locked the door because we were physically scared.  Of course, we didn’t physically expect to get infected, but becoming psychologically infected is worse than a physical problem.  When your mind is infected with hopelessness and negativity it takes a lot of work and treatment to become employable.

Nowadays men lead lives of noisy desperation. (James Thurber)

There are ways to change your attitude.  If it really is caused by your job, you may want to quit right now.  The trouble is that most of the time the job does not cause the attitude, and quitting may make it worse.

What you need to do is grab a book that helps you change that attitude. Go to Amazon and under books search for “attitude”.  I like to get samples of the books delivered electronically to find out if I really want to buy them.  You can get a Kindle reader for your PC just for that purpose.

No one has to give you a job.  You have to earn a job.  Figure out what you can do to have an attitude that someone else wants to get infected with. Work at it. Get a book or get a counselor.


Something To Do Today

Check out two books on changing your attitude from the library.  One interesting one is “Learned Optimism”.  There are a lot of books that can help.


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Networking facts

Fingerprint locks and getting hired

Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship…the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.  (Peter Drucker)

I saw another ad for a notebook computer with a fingerprint reader.  I want one.  It is so cool.  You just draw your finger over the reader and it unlocks the screen because it knows who you are.  Talk about geek chic technology.  I gotta have one. I will have a computer that only responds to me.

You need to be unique, like that computer.  Every year thousands of people get great new jobs with massive pay raises because they have learned something new and exciting.  I know average programmers who are earning $120,000 per year.  They learned the latest technology, SAP, Oracle Financials, or neural decision software.  They have been riding the gravy train for 3 or 4 years.  Accountants that can implement new systems are still worth their weight in gold. Today I am searching for just such a person for my client.

What is it that you can do to set yourself distinctly apart?  Is there an innovation rearing its head in your field?  Even help desk techs can earn $90,000 per year if they find the right niche.  You have to innovate.  Become different.  Be a rare breed.

That fingerprint lock sold thousands of laptops to geeks like me.  New technology, techniques, and skills can sell CEO’s and managers on your value.

What can you learn today?

Something to do today

The greatest lunch topic you can talk about with your boss is, “What is the emerging world changing technology, technique or skill in our field.”  Try it today.


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