How To Be Imperfect and Highly Paid – 3 things 

What makes you stand out? Worth more?

What about you is unique? Amazing? Unemployable? Mediocre? Inspiring?

My daughter Merrilee has Down Syndrome and is low functioning within that group, but she is amazing. My son James got a perfect score on the SAT Advanced Calculus II college entrance exam. He is amazing. Each can […]

Networking, referrals, recruiters, and job boards

Even a fox can get a job guarding a henhouse if he has good enough references.

Internet job boards fill 25% of jobs, recruiters fill 16%, and referrals fill 27% of jobs according to one survey. So where do you want to concentrate your job hunting time?

But there are so many jobs on Indeed, […]

What to do about serial disasters in your job search

I lived a couple of summers on a dairy and hog farm. There were only two things to do with manure, put it on the fields or in the creek. Yes, once it went into the creek. The manure that went on the fields helped grow more corn and alfalfa. The manure that went […]

How to get references on the company you may join

It’s a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it. (W. Somerset Maugham)

He came for the amazing opportunity at XYZ (the name is changed to protect the guilty). A year later he was gone. He quit. That happens a lot at XYZ. It […]

How Google can be a disaster for your job search

You can ruin your career and job opportunities at the speed of light. It can take anywhere from a few months to years to clear up the problem. Google is the problem.

More bosses and companies Google their employees and candidates now. Before they give someone a promotion, raise in salary or a brand new […]

How To Tell Which Reference Is Knifing You In The Back

Trust enthusiasm. Fear okay.

If something always goes wrong in your job interviews after the point where references are checked, you probably want to rethink your references.

Some of your references may be knifing you in the back. They are your phantom friends. You thought they would give good references. They were always friendly. Still, […]

How To Deal With Bad References

“I only have 3 references from my previous job. That’s all the guys who worked there. My 2 coworkers will tell you how well I worked. The owner will only bad mouth me. He’s mad that I am leaving after 3 years.”

I called, and the owner was a terrible reference. Since I checked […]

9 Job References Most People Overlook

When your friend puts your resume on the desk of her boss and says, “Jill is the best salesperson I’ve ever met,” that’s not a reference. She never worked with you. It is only a fantastic introduction. So get your friend to do that, and also find real references.

The people you choose as […]