5 Weeks – How to find a job in 5 weeks

One guy is out of work for less than a month, and he gets a job offer with a raise. It takes 6 months to get a job for the guy who sat next to him. This poor guy was doing exactly the same job, got better performance ratings, and would get rehired first if the job was re-opened. […]

Secrets Of How A Recruiter REALLY Works

A job? No. This is war.

My old partner Karen Woodworth was accused by a candidate of ”Just being in this for the money”, and submitting other candidates.

She wrote the following email to describe exactly what she did to fill that job. Changes to protect privacy have been made.



I have a […]

9 ways a recruiter can help you

As a recruiter I help people get jobs, but only a few people. I also prepare a bunch of people to get jobs on their own. […]

When recruiters become slaveowners

Your resume may have been thrown away because the wrong person submitted it. You may have become a victim of recruiter ownership. (No, it is not slavery, it just feels like it.)

Paul recounted to me that he was presented by a recruiter to a company for a job. The recruiter said, “I have […]

The best place to look for jobs or promotions

When I was a child I tried fishing in the water puddle in front of our house. When the sun dried it up I could see there were no fish there.

At college I saw a video of a man fishing in one of the larger fountains there. When people asked how the fishing was, […]

A holiday job hunting secret to get you hired

Here is a job hunting secret for the holidays. You can use holidays and vacations to give yourself a serious job boost. All you have to do is follow the advice in this video I made on cyber monday.