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$250,000 too proud

Over negotiating can be a wreck. Watch out.

How hard do you negotiate? If you are critical to a project’s success, shouldn’t you be really well paid? The job market is hot. A lot of employers are not finding the right person.

Here’s an example I was part of:

Mike’s expertise selling into FEMA […]

Ten percent more in your next job – part one

You have interviewed with five people at the company. Your references have been checked. The background and drug checks came in clean. Your recruiter has more negotiating skills in his little toe than the whole management chain in that company put together. Now to see how much money you will be paid for the job.


He lost a $100,000 job with this question

I don’t have a bank account because I don’t know my mother’s maiden name. (Poundstone)

True story: He was interviewing for a $100,000/year job. The interview had lasted an hour. The hiring manager loved the candidate. There was no one else interviewing. The hirer had made up his mind that this guy was going to […]