Ten percent more in your next job – part one

You have interviewed with five people at the company.  Your references have been checked.  The background and drug checks came in clean.  Your recruiter has more negotiating skills in his little toe than the whole management chain in that company put together.  Now to see how much money you will be paid for the job.

There is an upper limit you won’t get past.  It may be the first offer you hear.  It may be reached after a week of haggling.  There absolutely is an upper limit.  The best negotiator cannot get you more money than that limit. That limit was 50% more than the salary range for one position I’ve seen. But there is a limit.

What are the factors that set the limit?

  • The company’s finances
  • The other people available for the job
  • Your resume
  • Your interview

That’s it.  The first two are very complex, but you can’t do anything about them.  The last two are closely related.  Your resume and your interview work together to show possibilities.  They show how you might affect company finances. They allow you to be compared to those other people.

The next two blog posts will deal with what information you need to get to your future bosses, and how to radically increase your interview effectiveness. They are about how to get that 10% more.

Something to do today

Make a list of the topics covered in your last job interview.  Tomorrow we’ll see if you covered the most important information.


Later:              Get 10% more at your next job, 2 more parts

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