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Resume blasting

Should you put your resume out on one internet job board? On 50? It really could get you a job. But there’s a down side too. Consider:

Your boss calls you into his office and closes the door. “Two days ago you posted your resume on an internet job board. Why are you quitting?” Are […]

Networking, referrals, recruiters, and job boards

Even a fox can get a job guarding a henhouse if he has good enough references.

Internet job boards fill 25% of jobs, recruiters fill 16%, and referrals fill 27% of jobs according to one survey. So where do you want to concentrate your job hunting time?

But there are so many jobs on Indeed, […]

What if there are 6 ads and you really want the job?

You see 6 ads for one job you really want. It is so good you would quit you’re your current job just to apply. What do you do?

High Priority Jobs

Getting your resume into the hiring manager’s hands is your quest.

First gather information.

Is there anything that makes you think the writer […]

Tricks To Get Past The Screeners

First of all, apply for every job you are qualified for. It is impossible to tell if the job is real. You may as well take 5 minutes and apply.

Did you notice I did NOT say take 15 seconds and apply? Internet job boards let you send off a resume without thinking. You can […]

How job boards use and abuse you

You can effectively use internet job boards. You can get hired. First though, you have to understand the weaknesses of job boards. Then you can use these 4 weaknesses to your advantage.

Let’s say you have a choice between hiring someone you worked with for 3 years or a stranger. The person you know is […]

Beat the job boards – 4 ways to get a call

How do you get people to pay attention to your resume when there are 100 others just like it?

You can’t. You have to be different.

The best way to be different is to be obviously well qualified. Another great way is to prove, not just say, that you have a great attitude. You […]

Beat the job board trolls

Putting out an ad for a job that doesn’t exist is called “trolling” in the recruiting business.

When you troll for fish you drag a bait or lure behind your boat as you putter around the lake. Eventually a fish grabs it, and you reel in the fish. When you troll for candidates you […]

Are job boards keeping you from getting a job?

On Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, or even Indeed .com. Look for a job in your specialty. Did you carefully read the ads and find that the vast majority are put there by recruiting agencies? Amazing, isn’t it?

The problem is not that corporations no longer have job openings, they have lots of them. The problem is […]

Resume spreading services and warnings

There are two types of resume spreading services. One sends your resume to many job search websites like Monster and The other sends your resume to hundreds of recruiters and companies like ResumeRabbit,, and

The dangers

If you are employed, your resume may be sent to your current boss, or to a […]

How to motivate yourself to search EFFECTIVELY

An actor asks himself, “What is my motivation?” The rest of us laugh at him. He’s trying to figure out which way to face on a stage.

Ice cream used to motivate me. I’d walk on hot coals to get it. I still like ice cream, but it won’t get me to detour 100 […]