Are job boards keeping you from getting a job?

On Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, or even Indeed .com.  Look for a job in your specialty. Did you carefully read the ads and find that the vast majority are put there by recruiting agencies?  Amazing, isn’t it?

The problem is not that corporations no longer have job openings, they have lots of them.  The problem is that there is a huge lack of skilled workers.  When a company desperately needs a skilled worker and can’t find him, they contact at least one agency.  Some companies contact 100 agencies.  Each of those agencies puts the job on the agency’s website and on at least one job board.  I don’t put ads on CareerBuilder, I put a few ads on 50 lesser job boards. So I also contribute to the glut of ads.

All those ads are causing less highly skilled people to apply for jobs through the internet job boards. A lot of under-skilled desperate people apply for the jobs instead. So, now they use computer filters to clear out under-skilled candidates.  Unfortunately the filters mess up a lot.  They tend to also filter out people who have less than stellar resumes, but great skill sets.

So what do you do?

I’ve got some great ideas coming up. 

Something To Do Today            

Have some fun.  See how many ads from agencies you can find for one particular job you can do well.  What is the same in all the ads?

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