When is your resume being thrown away?

You have to know when your resume is being thrown away to fix its problems. There is a timing pattern you must understand. You have to break through your resume’s stumbling block in the following pattern to get hired:

Your resume arrives along with 100 others. The secretary trashes 80 after a 10 second review […]

2 ways to use certifications to FIND jobs-especially if you don’t have any

Certifications can definitely get you a job interview. They can also get you laughed at. BS, MBA and PhD are all certifications. So are CPA, CISSP, MCSE, MCAD, MCST, CNE and CPC.

The most amazing certification chameleon has been MCSE-Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. At first it was a sure key to a quick job and […]

Do you have to tell the truth? How?

I had two people axed for falsifying their resumes in a year. The saddest part is that in both cases the lie that cost them their job was not significant to getting the job. In other words, if they told the truth they still would have gotten the job, they would still have it. One […]

A dozen ways to stand out, be remembered, and be hired

A moth trap can teach you how to stand out, be remembered, and be hired. The principles can be used in interviews, resumes, and networking.

The moth trap in our pantry is supposed to be much better than the average one. It has the same sticky glue and pheromones, but instead of […]

The 2 biggest internet job site scams

A banking jobs website salesman called my partner one day. They have the best, the greatest, the most useful banking jobs website ever. They want us to have all of our candidates put their resumes up on their website. Then any employer can pay a fee, find the resumes, and hire the candidates. There are […]

How to count your job search victories

Job hunting triumphs come often. Getting a job is always the cumulative result of a hundred victories. Those victories should be celebrated over and over in your mind. Yes, you need to notice that you failed to finish the next step, but you shouldn’t focus on a defeat and exclude the victories leading up to […]

13 Insane resumes that landed interviews and jobs

Experimenting can be your key to success. Here are 13 resumes that were way over the edge…and worked.

Here is the link.

The best resume writing book

The best book ever written on resume writing is available free for a few days.

I have posted it at www.dilts.us/books/

When it goes on Amazon, it won’t be free anymore.


When is your resume thrown away?

We are continually faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems. (Gardner)

Hiroshima, WWII: “I sure wish I could find rice for my family. Hey, what is that lone airplane doing above the city? Oh well, I’ve got more important things to worry about.”

Sometimes timing is everything and […]

Polar Bear Testicles and your job search

CNN had a story on shrinking polar bear testicles. They went into detail about how it was an indicator of global warming destroying the earth. I would hate to be the scientist with a bag of bear treats trying to make that measurement. Then there was a brief blurb about the lowest SAT college exam […]