How fast can you find a new job and get your career back on track?

Getting your career back on track? It depends on where you are right now.

How fast can you find a new job? Let’s talk about the Beatles. They were an overnight sensation….except for the years they spent playing clubs in Germany and England. Years lost to the world.

I bet you know a guy […]

Free career intelligence 5 ways

Here are 5 ways to get free career intelligence. This can help you find and land a job.

1. Every day I give away useful business intelligence. I am an expert in a few job markets. I’m a recruiter. Every time you talk to a recruiter, grill them. If a recruiter calls you out of […]

The 2 biggest internet job site scams

A banking jobs website salesman called my partner one day. They have the best, the greatest, the most useful banking jobs website ever. They want us to have all of our candidates put their resumes up on their website. Then any employer can pay a fee, find the resumes, and hire the candidates. There are […]

How to get a friend a job

A friend is someone who will help you move. A real friend is someone who will help you move a body. (unkn)

How to get a friend a job

This programmer didn’t have any experience using the language and tools the company software was developed in. He hadn’t programmed in 2 years. He was, however, […]

8 critical hints on using recruiters to find you a job

Scarier than the undertaker, we are meeting our matchmaker. (“Mulan”)

Recruiters are slightly neurotic, money driven, and a little paranoid. To get a recruiter to do the most possible for you, work with them within their limitations.

Never pledge your undying love unless they are willing to give you weekly progress reports. A recruiter […]

How to motivate your friends to help you find a great job

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with enthusiasm. (Winston Churchill)

Would you recommend someone for a job if you were sure they would fail miserably?

Do you want to work with someone who is unable to deal with problems?

No one else does either.

On the other hand, it is […]

How to find a job at a convention – company trip

Between two products equal in price, function and quality, the better looking will out sell the other. (Loewy)

Two booths of software were side by side. One was superior technically. The other had a salesman who was a whiz. People were crowding around the great salesman. The technically superior product kept losing crowds to […]