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How to get a friend a job

A friend is someone who will help you move.  A real friend is someone who will help you move a body. (unkn)

How to get a friend a job

This programmer didn’t have any experience using the language and tools the company software was developed in.  He hadn’t programmed in 2 years.  He was, however, one of the best programmers I have ever met. He got himself hired without an interview.

First he put together a great resume showing his experience and accomplishments. He had a friend working at the small company.  His friend took the resume into the company owner and put it on his desk.  He said, “This guy is better than me.  You should hire him.  You should also pay him more than me. He’s really good.”  The boss called the programmer up and said, “Come in at noon tomorrow and walk around the place.  If you like it, you can start work at 12:03.   We’ll give you a week to prove you know what you are doing and then adjust your pay accordingly.”

Just so you know, for backup he had a glowing letter of recommendation from his former employer.  He never got to use it.

If you absolutely believe in your friend that is how to get him a job where you work. Only do it this way if you absolutely believe the guy is the best person available, that he is extraordinary.  Your boss will appreciate the help.

Something To Do Today

If you want to be the guy getting the job, you have to be way above average and have a dynamite resume.  Work on both.  Just for luck, also get that glowing letter of recommendation.


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