3 free webinars today, replays later

I am giving 3 web seminars Tuesday April 13th – tomorrow. 

1.  ChangeWorks! 9-10 AM EDT
2.  Hire Sales Wizards 12-1 PM EDT
3.  4 Secrets To Getting a MUCH Better Job 6-7 PM EDT

ChangeWorks! is for the front line managers and team leaders who are trying to implement change.

Are you able to motivate most of your team? Do you have a chronic complainer?  An underperformer?  Or a superstar who alienates the rest of the team?

This is the quickest overview possible of the main reasons your people embrace change or resist it.

Hire Sales Wizards teaches you the tricks top recruiters use to separate the best  salespeople from the ones that only talk a good game. 

There are specific steps you can take to find top performers, recruit them, then get them to accept a job with your company.  We’ll go over exactly what it takes.
4 Secrets To Getting a MUCH Better Job is NOT resume writing advice.  The secrets I will go over are:

  1. The secret that is stealing 3/4 of monster.com and careerbuilder.com’s business.
  2. What you were never told about achieving meteoric career growth.
  3. The provably biggest thing hirers are looking for, and most don’t even know it. Really.
  4. A stench that turns hirers away from you that they don’t know they smell.

I can’t possibly stuff more good information into any of these seminars.  Come listen.  I’ll see if I can change your career.

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