12 steps to recruit people for jobs – no B.S.

Yesterday I was asked how I do a job search.  I have seen beautiful lies sent out about how search is done by other firms.  Let me give you the no B.S. version of how I do a job search.  There are 12 basic steps to finding people.

If you gave me an exclusive search, I would:

1. Get a good written description of what you want, what the most desired traits are, and what must be avoided.

2. Find out from you which companies are most likely to have the person you want already working there, figure out how I can search for more those types of companies, and talk with you about the list of 100+ companies we come up with.

3. Call all those companies and try to entice a good person to look at your opportunity. I would shamelessly network into other companies. I love calling in and asking for help to find the right person. I would be calling both the VP level person who could take the job, and his boss. CEO’s are often great sources of leads.

4. Make sure that no one knows who you are until you want them to know.

5. Advertise. Sometimes I get lucky that way.

6. Check out the job boards and do a deep search of the dead resumes from years ago, as well as the current ones.

7. Check the social networks.

8. Tell my partners what I am looking for. I share search assignments with 2 other independent recruiters in this area. We respect each other and have a history of success.

9. Within 3 days I would be sending you resumes of good potential matches.

10. After a week you would have talked to several good people and given me feedback. If things go well, you may say you have enough input.

11. After 2 weeks you will either like what you are seeing, or tell me you are bringing in someone else.

12. Even after you are interviewing and I stop, new people will show up from the networking I did. I’ll keep bringing you new candidates even after I have stopped the full search process, up until you hire someone.

It is really a simple process to explain. Execution is everything.

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