What to ask a recruiter who is going to help you

“I’ll help you get a job. Trust me.  Give me two weeks.”

When a recruiter says something like that, ask him,

  • What exactly will you do?
  • Which companies will you be submitting me to?
  • When will you report to me on what you have done?
  • Which companies am I likely to get an interview with?

If the recruiter gives you a list of companies you will be submitted to, that’s perfect.  Also acceptable is a specific industry group he will be calling.  Not just “local companies.”  The recruiter also needs to give you dates you will get progress reports.  If a recruiter really is going to “make a hundred calls”, then he should be happy to tell you when the calls are done.

Don’t let your job search be like one of the old movies where the car driver, you, pulls the steering wheel off and hands it to a passenger.  You need to be the person driving in your job search.  No one else has your interest in your career.

You are building your career.  The recruiter is looking for his next sale or placement.  It is the difference between the commitment a cow and a chicken make when they volunteer to be part of a steak and eggs breakfast.  For the cow it is a life and death decision, but for the chicken it is just a day’s work. For you it is a multi-year commitment, but for the recruiter it is a few day’s commitment.  Who do YOU think should be in charge?

It’s your career.  Make sure you are driving the job search. Only trust recruiters who tell you who they are calling, and report back when they are done.

Something To Do Today

It is Friday.  Time to update your job journal with your accomplishments this week. Give a report to your boss in a format he can use.


Next week:    The Zen of getting a job

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