What if all I want is more money? Getting it.

The tooth fairy teaches children that they can sell body parts for money.  (David Richerby)

Getting more money.

Some people need a new job to get more money.  Others just need a new attitude. For more money, often you just have to ask.

I get calls from people with golden handcuffs occasionally.  They are paid so well or have such great bonuses that all they can get is a drop in pay if they switch jobs.  Often they don’t appreciate it.  I have to honestly tell them what the job market is like and ask them if they want to earn less at a new job.  Only one in twenty says, “Yes, I’ll take a drop in pay.” The others get a quick lesson on either growing where they are at or being content at being overpaid.

Others are underpaid or paid their market value and want to earn more.  Changing jobs for a 3% raise usually makes no sense.  You could easily get that in the next year just by being patient.  Often you could get a raise like that in a few weeks by presenting your case to your boss and his boss. So try that first.  Present your accomplishments and a list of things you have done in the last few years.  Prove you are worth more and give them 3 months to react.

If you really can get a 10% raise or more by leaving the job, the problem is different.  You still need to present your case to your bosses.  They may give you the raise and solve the problem.  Give them 3 months to work on it after you present an air tight case that includes your specific contributions, not just your responsibilities.

During those 3 months keep your eyes open for a new job.  Check out what the market really is like.  After 3 months go back to your bosses and ask if you are going to get a raise.  This is an important step so that they know you are serious.  If they say, “No,” then start looking for a new job.

Some people really do need a new job to get more money.

Something to do today

Thinking about getting a new job?  Call a recruiter who specializes in your field or in your geographical area.  Ask them what the going rates for someone like you are..


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