Internet resume filters, why? And how to get past them

You must change how you apply for jobs on the internet. Federal contracting jobs are already out of your reach unless you are a perfect fit.  Half the jobs available on the internet are no longer available to you.  And that is a conservative estimate.

A regulation is in effect.  It says that companies have to keep track of the minority status of all internet job applicants.  Last year it was for Federal contractors.  Now it is for all companies over 50 employees and their recruiters.

It is hard to keep track of race without being accused of violating the Equal Employment laws.  In the old days you could look through the resumes that came in and choose people who were close to your requirements to interview.  Then you could start tracking race.

Unintended consequences

The new regulation says you have to start tracking race immediately, but you only have to do it for applicants that are completely qualified for the position.  That means that the applicant filters that big companies use are becoming essential for all companies.  They are not going to track anyone they don’t have to.  They don’t want to phone screen anyone unless they already perfectly meet the requirements.

That means many jobs you were close enough to get a phone screen for a few years ago, will be absolutely unavailable for you this year. You will have to get through the computer filter to even be considered for a job.  And the filters will be tighter than ever.

From here on out you need to make sure that your resume has every qualifying skill asked for on a job ad.  Consider putting every acronym in the job ad at the bottom of your resume in a skills section.  I might even cut and paste the skills section of the job ad to the bottom of my resume in a “Job Applied For” section.

The results of the regulations are ominous.  Companies are swinging wildly from filters that are impossibly tight, to no filters at all.  We are in a period of amazing resume filtering swings.

Be prepared.

Something to do today

Start today.  Make sure your resume has every job skill asked for in every job you apply for online.


Later:              Clogging things up

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