2 ways to get more vacation at your current job

Why doesn’t anyone ever get more vacation than they are scheduled for in their current job?  Yet some folks come in their first day with more vacation than folks who were there 8 years.

One reason is that very few people ask.  Even fewer ask it in the right way. Here are 2 ways to ask for more vacation that might actually get it for you.

The easy way

Ask your boss a month before you are due to get your next raise. Let your boss know that you are willing to give up part or all of your raise to get another week vacation.  A week’s vacation is the equivalent of a 2-3% raise.  If you are pretty sure you are not going to get a raise anyway, this is a great way to do it.

The hard way

A month before your next performance review, put together a great performance review package about yourself.  Put down all the ways and times you exceeded expectations, saved money, saved a customer, came in under budget, got done early, stayed late, trained someone, etc..  I assure you that he forgot more than half of what you did, so remind him.

Then call a recruiter and ask if there are any companies in the area that give someone like you an extra week vacation.  He will probably say, “Some do, do you want a job?”  Tell him, “Not now, but thank you.”

Then talk to your boss and say exactly this, “A recruiter was talking to me. He said that some companies in this area are offering more vacation than I am getting.  You have the performance review materials I gave you.  In addition to a raise, I would like another week of vacation.”

Notice that you do not say YOU called the recruiter.  That doesn’t matter. So if your boss asks if you called a recruiter say, “A recruiter was talking to ME.”  If he pushes it, sure you can tell him you called.  That isn’t real important, but I would avoid it if possible.

Now go see if you can get that vacation.

Something to do today

Find out from your HR department what your full benefits package is worth.  You need to know vacation days, personal days, sick days, pension contributions, 401K matching, their healthcare costs and what exactly is your contribution to healthcare.  You can add your salary, bonuses and expense allowances to the list.  You may be surprised at the cost of your benefits, and it will be a great thing to know when asking for more vacation.


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