Show you are the “big bear” on your resume

I have been around a lot of big bears in Pennsylvania. It is exciting.  Still, I have only seen one bear in Pennsylvania.  Bears leave behind footprints, scratched trees and scat (the polite way of referring to bear excrement).  As a matter of fact, some bears try to impress other bears by showing how high on a tree they can scratch the bark away.  They may never see each other, but bears know who is the “big bear”.

In  job hunting you need to let people know you are the “big bear”.  Don’t tell them everything you did at your last job..  Show them signs of your size and impact.  In your resume do not give every detail of your jobs.  Show the things that prove you are the “big bear” now.

Are you a Controller or CFO?  How much money did you save your company?  How much new revenue did you personally drive to the bottom line?

If your title is manager, assume that people know you hire, make budgets, and write reports.  Increased revenue, how much money you saved, and faster execution are things that show how high you reached.

As a programmer you need to have a list of languages you know somewhere on the resume.  That’s necessary but it doesn’t make you stand out.  The fact that your last five projects came in on time and under budget will show you are a big bear.

Don’t hide what you accomplished in a forest of petty details.  Make the things that prove you are a big bear unmissable.  If you have ten bullet points about one job, get rid of half of them.  A five line paragraph will hide a lot of accomplishments.  Make three short bullets instead or put a couple of keywords in bold font.

Show you are the big bear.   Stretch up high and scratch that tree where the other bears can’t miss it.

Something to do today

Hand you resume to some friends.  Give them 45 seconds to read it, then ask them what your biggest accomplishments are.  45 seconds is a very thorough read for resumes, most only get 10 seconds.  If you can’t get your point across in 45 seconds, getting hired will be pure luck.


Later:             Get references on the company

Get references on yourself

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