1 good, and 3 bad jokes for interviews

I cannot call to mind a single instance where I have been irreverent, except toward the things which were sacred to other people. (Mark Twain)

I admit it.  This is my biggest problem.  I make a jokes in interviews.  I’m irreverent. These jokes really have been used in interviews.

Q.  When do you like to arrive at work?

A.  One hour before quitting time.


Q.  How much do you want to earn?

A.  Enough to retire after my first day on the job.


Q.  Are you honest?

A.  Yes, if you don’t leave food in the refrigerator or money in your desk drawer.

You need to establish a good relationship with your interviewer.  You also need to figure out what is “sacred” to him and be reverent.  Honesty and hard work are two good areas to be careful about.  If you want to joke, taking hard work too far is a better joke than being a slacker.


Q.  When do you like to arrive at work?

A.  My biggest problem is making sure I go home at night so that I HAVE an arrival time.


Be human.  Have some fun.  Just do it in a way that benefits you and your interviewer.

Something to do today

Think about the negative jokes you tell.  Can you turn them around and make them about doing too much that is good?


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