Do you have the smell of cabbage soup in your resume?

If you want to write about a building where people are living on the edge of starvation, you always write about the smell of cabbage soup.  It tells you they are lower class people who have given up on the good life.  At least that is what it means in the books I read.

Your resume can smell like cabbage soup.  It can give the impression that you are a lower class person who has given up on life.  It can say, “I’m desperate,” or “I’m in shock.”  Here are some of the signs:

Any misspelling, grammar or capitalization mistakes.

……….. use a spell checker and get a friend to check your grammar.

Using a lot of different fonts and different colors.

……….. focus attention using words, bullet points and placement of phrases.

Bolded words everywhere.

……….. too much is a distraction.  Use bolding like pepper, just a little where needed.

Lack of focus.

……….. show how you fit this particular job, not how you can do any job in the company.

Very basic job skills.

……….. a secretary’s resume should NOT say, “I make coffee and remove staples.”  A programmer should not say, “I file reports.”  A CEO should not say, “I can type.”

Make sure your resume smells and sounds like a sizzling steak.  Have the smell of success. Get rid of the cabbage.

Something to do today

Take this list and your resume and see if you need to make a few changes.


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