What is the best day to quit?

30 seconds before I wrote this, I checked my voicemail.  A friend said, “I’m driving in to quit today.  There are a lot of reasons to quit today.  I know you said not to quit last Friday, but there it is.”

Smart woman!  She quit when it was to her advantage.  I suspect she will get an extra month of health insurance because of the day she quit.  That is good planning.

The best day to quit is when it is best for you. Can you get an extra month of health insurance, a bonus, or an extra weeks pay for unused vacation time if you stay a few more days?

I usually recommend you quit as soon as you accept a job offer and everything is settled.  There is no reason to wait unless you can get some free benefits or a bonus by waiting until the first or 15th of the month.

Something to do today

Secret spy time.  Find out when your health benefits stop if you quit. Be careful you don’t get fired for asking.


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