The most dangerous high value resume twist

If you are very focused.  If you are determined.  If the hiring manager is really missing out by not talking to you.


It can be really personal, calling him by name.

Why not record a YouTube video.  Use your webcam, cellphone, or digital camera.  Upload it to YouTube.  Make it private.  Send it in an email embedded and as a link.

You could even put one on your resume.  Why not?

Why not is because you will be judged by that video.  You will be remembered by that video. It should be short, very focused, and make the hiring manager feel good when he sees it.

Be very careful. Consider it. Especially consider it where you just haven’t been able to get your foot in the door.  In that case, it can’t hurt since they already are not calling back.

Dangerous.  Potential high reward. Are you going to try it?

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