Is an SND keeping you from getting a job?

They certainly give very strange names to diseases.  (Plato)

Social Network Diseases

I’m watching you.  I’m not trying to, but I am.

Are you having trouble getting taken seriously?  You may have a social network disease (SND).  One salesman with an SND can ruin sales by the whole team.  A couple of years ago you may have put some entries in Facebook that you shouldn’t have. Then you forgot about the account.

I can find most social networks you belong to.  When I put your name and email address into my new database, it magically looks you up.  It downloads the information from a few social networks, and gives me links to the rest.

I didn’t even remember some of the networks I found out I belong to.

Everybody has access to the same tool.  It may not be tightly integrated into their CRM like mine is, but it is there. 

Worried?  You should be.  This information hangs around for a long time in databases like mine.  If I don’t touch your record for a year, that year old information is still in my database.  It could be very embarrassing.

Now it is time to do something about it.  Clean up the ones you know about.

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