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There are 6 billion people.  If you passionately care about something, someone else will too.  Find them and you have a network.

This is either a metaphor or a call to action.  You can either use the idea of blogs to create a non-computer network, or you can start your own blog.

Personal networks are all about passing around useful information.  Weblogs can help you share information and build a personal network.  For a weblog to work you have to make a commitment to find or compile information to share.  Same thing with a personal network.

One way a blog (weblog) is rated is by the number of times it is cited by other blogs.  It is cited in other blogs because it is interesting. What can you find out on the internet that other people want to know?  Is there something personal about you that would interest other people?  Do you know something other people really want to know?

What do you know that is interesting?  What is new or hot?  What can give someone else a jump on their competition?

If you know something useful, tell everyone who can use it. Do it daily, weekly, or monthly. That’s how to make your personal network worthwhile.  That’s also what makes a blog worthwhile.

Sharing useful news is the highest form or networking.  What can you find that will be useful to all the managers who could hire you?  Send it to them even if they don’t have a job for you.  Networking is about helping, not taking.


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How can you put things you know into the hands of people who want to know it?  Who can you help?  That’s networking.


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