How to Job Hunt Efficiently

This is an addendum specifically for job hunters to the previous post. I thought of some more information I wanted to share.

A huge mistake I see is people using exclusively one resource to get a job. There are a lot of good options to use to go job hunting nowadays. Monster, CareerBuilder, and Indeed have all been huge at some point. In the ancient past of the dinosaurs, job ads were big in newspapers. There are even recruiters and staffing companies like myself.

Use your time efficiently and you can get twice as much done in half the time (and I’m serious).

Some research says only about 25% of job board ads are filled.  Spending 25% of your time on those methods makes sense.  The rest of the jobs are filled before they are advertised. So if you want to get a really great job you have to look where most of the really great jobs are filled.

Most sweet jobs are filled by networking, calls to managers at companies that aren’t advertising, recruiters, and getting famous.  I’ll be talking about these methods in a few days.

People tend to use a resource until they can’t squeeze anything more out of it. If you have access to more resources, use all of them at once. The more you use a resource like Indeed, the less useful it becomes because you’re looking at all the same jobs that were on there before.

Split up your time between your resources. It lets you get the best of each.

In the same vein, split time between days/weeks. It gets you the top each time. This is particularly useful with online job boards.


Something To Do Today

Try something new to look for a job. Use new job boards (easy), or start calling up businesses that you’re interested in working at. Don’t bother with whether or not they say online that they’re hiring. Most jobs aren’t being advertised online.

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