Finding jobs you can’t see

You get paid waiting for a job ad or a “Help Wanted” sign – in unemployment checks.

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Jobs are hiding. You have to go looking for them. Don’t wait for them to look for you.

My friend wanted a dishwashing job. A dishwashing job. Yet, he was terrified to go into any restaurant and ask for a job unless they had already put out a “Help Wanted” sign. Unless they publicly display that they want help right that second, he won’t ask.

Companies only put out “Help Wanted” ads when they’re desperate

Not every company is desperate. Most jobs are filled internally – either by recommendations or by promotions. These jobs aren’t put in front of you. They’re hidden, and you have to put in the work to find them.

My friend wanted a job as a dishwasher. He struggled to get a high school equivalency diploma. You’re far ahead of him in most ways.

Are you scared like he was? You can’t wait for a “Help Wanted” sign either.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply there. People do get hired from job ads. When you apply for a job from an ad online, you get put into a large pile of resumes. They might not even see yours.

If you go in and individually to somewhere that isn’t directly asking for help, you’re not only on top of the pile, you’re the only resume in the pile. Yes, they might not be looking for someone, but it’s also risky to be in a pile that’s getting sorted by a robot. Call businesses that are in your field, even if they’re not actively searching to fill a position.

I plan to start talking next week about ways to get a job at companies that aren’t publicly asking for help.

Something To Do Today

Right now, write down a list of companies that you would like to work at.

Sorry again that it’s been a while! Hectic week up here, just getting back into the flow of things.

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