Why I don’t care when you say you’re a fast learner

Two easy reasons: No one is ever going to say they’re a slow learner. Second, if you’re needing to learn to do the job, you’re not properly qualified.

That’s not to say being a fast learner is bad. It’s incredibly useful. But, it’s not going to get you a job unless you learn it to use the tools you need for that job.

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Instead of saying “I can learn quickly”, show what you learned, or what you will learn. If you can really learn quickly, it won’t be an issue to learn something to show. “What did you learn” is a lot better than “what can you learn” because a hirer doesn’t want to have to teach you to do a job.

“I’m a fast learner” is an easy save when the employer asks about a qualification or experience you don’t have. It’s almost expected to hear it. It’s so average they won’t really hear it when you say it.

So… don’t say it. “I don’t know much about that, but I’d love to spend a few days learning what I can and write a brief report on it for you. It seems incredibly interesting”.

That’s an engaging statement. “I can learn quickly” is a boring statement with no development. Better yet, it encourages them in the interview to talk to you again in a few days, further securing a second interview.

42% of people never read another book after graduating college. Read books and learn. It’s better to be a steady learner than a fast learner. Pick up new skills and knowledge every year, or the industry will move on without you, leaving you wondering what happened and why no one offered to train you.

Go and learn for yourself. It’ll help you more than being a fast learner. Once you learn the skills, you’ll get that raise or job you want.

Something To Do Today

Write what advanced or unusual skills you have picked up on a piece of paper. Learn the list well. If any are outstanding, put it on your resume. Keep track of any new skills you learn to brag about them.

Bonus points: pick up an educational book. Read it cover to cover.

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