The first law of survival – corporate or wilderness

If your company or your job is falling apart, what do you do?

The first law of wilderness survival is:

“Strive to completely control that which you can control completely. Let God provide the rest.”

In a plane crash, once the plane is down, and everyone else is dead, you can’t bring them back to life.  You can’t fly the wreckage to civilization.  You can’t control the weather.  There is no way to control the rescue operation.

So, you set out to completely control that which you can control completely.  First you take care of your wounds.  Then you get to a safe location.  You have to figure out how to survive the weather.  Water is essential.  Food is important after a few days.  And how are the rescuers going to find you?

The same rule applies in a company disaster.  Strive to completely control that which you can control completely.  Let God (and the government) provide the rest.

Start controlling what you can completely control.  Use your energy on the most important things first.  Then expand your absolute control to things that are important but were not immediately necessary for survival.  Let God provide the rest.

The absolutely best part about using the first law of survival is that you will regain control.  You will feel better.  Your attitude will improve.  Stress goes down.  Creativity increases.  You make good use of all your resources.  You get help that will make a difference instead of panicking and investing in a $25,000 seminar that won’t help right now.

If you want help getting in contact with other people at your level to bounce ideas off of, let me know.  I have put together a few roundtables. I may be able to help.

Get complete control over what you can control.  You’ll survive.  Let God provide the rest.  You’ll feel happier and recover faster. You will regain control.

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