Imitate to succeed

An ex-NFL football player told me how he got to the big league. He chose a player he wanted to be just like. Then he learned to hold his hands just like him. He placed his feet just like his hero. He ran like his hero. He exercised like his hero. He did everything he could to play football just like his hero. He started in 9th grade football and continued through college. He made it into the NFL. 

When I met him in Denver, he was a couple of years into a new career selling real estate. He was doing the same thing. He picked one of the best real estate salesmen in Denver and was doing exactly what the new hero did. Once again he was becoming a superstar.

There’s a hint there. Find someone who is successful at what you want to do. Become like them. If they do something, you do it.

One more thing. Watch very carefully what your hero does NOT do. What do they avoid? What do they refuse to do? Too many people try to become a success doing the things that a successful person refuses to do. 

If you want to be a millionaire, I suggest you read one or two books by Thomas Stanley. The Millionaire Next Door is a bunch of stories about how millionaires became millionaires. The Millionaire Mind has some stories, but also takes a statistical approach. It tells what first generation millionaires do, as a group, to get their money.

Better yet, find a millionaire to personally learn from.

Do you want to be a Partner, CEO, CFO, CIO, or Project Manager? Find the best example you can, and do everything the way they do. Invite them to lunch. Ask them what they would do in your shoes. Become just like them at work.

Hero, mentor, example. Find one so you can become one.

Something to do today

Find your mentor and example. Learn to work just like they do.

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