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The boomer brain drain has started

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. (Thomas Edison)

Depending on exactly where you set the line, the baby boomers started retiring around 2010.  They are also starting to have heart attacks at an increasing rate.  Someone has to take their place.

This is an incredible opportunity to advance like a rocket in your career.

Planning, thinking, dreaming, and creating is critical now.  Now is the time to prepare.

Someone is going to be changing the bedpans for the baby boomers.  Others are going to be taking their money and making them happy.  A whole bunch of people are going to take top management positions as the older executive workforce churns into retirement.

Now is the time to get that certification, MBA, college education or Vo-tech class out of the way.

Do you want to get lucky?  Prepare!  Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Something to do today

Take some time off and dream.  What do you want to be STARTING in 5 years?  Where do you want that start to lead you 5 years after that?  Write down what you need to do to prepare for what you will start in 5 years.


Later:              Not 12 seconds, it is 5.7 seconds