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6 courtesies for an interview – like an Eagle

One email took him from third place candidate to tied for first place.  A two line letter arriving in the mail won the job.  Both were just courtesies.  They were thank-you’s. I have had hiring managers tell me exactly that.

The most important courtesies when job hunting are:

  • Arrive early or call before you are due if you will be late.
  • Remember and occasionally use your interviewer’s name
  • Tell them you like the company and job
  • Ask for the job or to set up the next interview step
  • Thank them for their time
  • Send a thank you email and letter

Most job seekers break at least half of these courtesy rules.

Courtesy is a set of cultural rules that help you talk productively with strangers and reduce threats. Rules of courtesy foster communication and get things done.  If you break any one of these 6 courtesy rules, your interviewer has a right to wonder if you really want the job. How many did you break in your last interview?

Be courteous.  It just might get you the job you have been dreaming of.

Something to do today

Put this list where you will see it before and after every interview.   It can be your winning edge when the competition ends in a photo finish.


I admit the following two quotes are not about being courteous like a Boy Scout.  They are just fun quotes.

Be courteous, be obliging, but don’t give yourself over to be melted down for the benefit of the tallow trade. (George Eliot)

Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone, but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery. (Malcolm X)


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