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How to put great audio references on your resume

Include your boss in your resume.  They can hear him say how well you did.  Your coworker will tell how you helped train him. They can hear the sincerity.  You can control what the references say. It could get you hired.  It will make you unique.  I don’t know if it will work for you, but it makes sense to me.

There is a toll free number your references can call to make a recording for you. You go online and listen to the reference and decide if you want to use it.  Then you press a button.  All that is left is to cut and paste a link into your resume.  You now have an audio reference..

You can try the full audio reference package free for 21 days.  This is a marketing tool that costs $29.95 per month plus some minor fees for the recordings. If you are going to send out 100 resumes, why not send out your references with them? References you are 100% sure of.

You can get a free 21 day trial here:  http://members.audiogenerator.com/specialinfo.asp?x=584262

This is not the only way to get references on your resume.  It is the easiest I know of for your references.  That can be important.  But if you want to use YouTube or just a recorder and a file on your website, you can do that too.  How about an interview format with someone asking questions about you??

Something to do today

Having trouble with your references?  Give this a shot.  You will know exactly what they are going to say.


Later:             Getting better audio references

Audio on your resume