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Do human “eagles” flock?

Eagles don’t flock, you have to find them one at a time. (EDS recruiting slogan)

I used to believe that eagles don’t flock.  I’d seen flocks of geese, starlings, and turkeys.  Never a flock of eagles.  For some reason, I believed the best people didn’t flock either.  After all, my employer used it as a recruiting slogan.  You have to find the great people one-by-one.

8 years into EDS, I worked with a dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist.  On her wall she had the Sierra club calendar.  There was a picture of a dozen eagles all sitting in the bare branches of an Alaskan tree.  I commented on the incongruity of all those eagles flocking together.  She said, “My husband and I were in Alaska when we took that picture.  It really isn’t that uncommon of a sight where there are a lot of eagles.”

Looking for flocks of eagles became a hobby of mine, particularly since my employer’s recruiting slogan denied that eagles flock.  I found that there really are a lot of lone eagles.  They are islands of expertise and productivity in an ocean of mediocrity.  My current profession is to find those eagles and move them into flocks.

There are a few flocks of eagles in every industry and city.  Places where eagles are naturally attracted.  Once you know where those places are, it is pretty easy to get an eagle to move to that flock.  Some choose to remain the lone eagle among sparrows.  I can’t blame them.  Besides, they can move to a flock anytime they want.

Just being around eagles makes you grow.  You can’t help but want to be like them even if you are just a sparrow.  Somehow, you absorb their attitude and habits.  Even if you don’t really want to become an eagle, being around them is exhilarating.

So keep your eyes open for flocks of eagles and individual eagles.  Find a way to work closely with them.  You’ll learn and grow.  You’ll find your career is enhanced and your outlook improves whether or not you ever want to become an eagle yourself.

Something to do today

Ask around.  Where is the flock of eagles you would like to work with?  Where are the lone eagles?


Later:               Laying a foundation later