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Do these resume fixes apply to you?

I just sent the following email to someone to help them have a resume that works.


The chances of a recruiter or manager reading your career profile are minimal.  No one likes reading a huge block of text.  At least you put your career profile into bullet points under core areas.  Be honest, would you read a dense 12 line paragraph packed with boilerplate terms?

What if you had 45 resumes to read through?  How much of the 40th resume would you read?

Your resume has only one job, get you an interview.  Even your core area bullets are hard to read through.  There are tooooooooo many. 15 core areas?   It may be necessary to have all those core areas on the resume so that a search finds them, but consider putting the full list at the end of the second page with your education and put only the 3 most important bullets for the job you are applying for at the top.  That way at least those 3 will be read.

Your education should go on the last page in case they care.  An unrelated degree with a MINOR in your field is not something to show at the top of the first page since it may get you excluded immediately when you could do the job.

Get the bullets with numbers in them on the first page. ($175,000 saved, 150 buildings, 6000 connections, 12,000 network connections, etc.)

In most cases the second page is never read.  If you put anything in the second entry on the second page,  you just hid it from notice.

And to make things worse, most people only read the first 6 words of the first 2-3 bullets in the first 2 jobs on your resume.  Put stuff that grabs them by throat in those first 6 words of the first 2 bullet points in each job.

Just some thoughts.

Bryan Dilts