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5.3 reasons your resume doesn’t get you interviews

First, figure out if your resume is working.  Fix your resume so it works. Only then send it out.  Would you rather send out a resume that doesn’t work to 100 jobs, or send it to one job, and get it?  Maybe taking time to fix your resume makes sense.

If it moves and it shouldn’t, use duct tape.  If it should move and doesn’t, use WD-40.     You can fix anything if you can figure out why it isn’t working.

Is your resume only pretty?  In college there was a 1930’s Rolls Royce in our apartment’s garage.  It was gorgeous.  It didn’t run.  It was useless for transportation.  Is your resume like that Rolls Royce?  Is it beautiful, but not doing what you need it to do?

Resumes are only supposed to do one thing …get you an interview.  No matter how pretty it is, how hard you worked on it or how much you paid to get it written, it is not working unless it gets you an interview.

5.3 reasons why resumes don’t get interviews

  1. You are not qualified.
  2. The resume doesn’t address the job requirements
  3. Your qualifications are hidden or camouflaged
  4. Only responsibilities are mentioned, not accomplishments
  5. There is nothing memorable

5.3        You don’t send it out

If you are not qualified, don’t cry because no one calls you back.  You are relying on luck and luck is fickle.

If you don’t send out any resumes, no one will answer you either. (Duhhh!)

The other four points will take longer to go over.  We’ll do that in the next few days.

That Rolls Royce was a collector’s item.  It was for looking at.  Your resume is not a collector’s item.  It is not a job application.  It is not a due diligence audit.  It is not your life history.  It has one job…to get you an interview.  If you are not getting interviews, let’s fix the resume.


Something To Do Today

Try to figure out how many resumes you’ve sent out.  How many phone calls did you get?  How many interviews?   Is your resume working?

Tomorrow:  Resumes and elephant guns

Coming up:

Am I showing up?  Are you contacting people about jobs?  Sending resumes?

Down Syndrome vs down syndrome

Your resume reeks worse than an outhouse

If you send out 100 resumes and get no callbacks, your resume reeks worse than an outhouse.

Tuesday I am giving a free webinar  on how to fix your resume.

The next day I’ll put up a link to the replay.